Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepavali - 2010.

The above photographs are of Deepavali celebrations at our home, today.  In the morning we had Harathulu followed by traditional breakfast consisting of a sweet called Garijalu. My sister and brother-in-law could not join us for Harathulu for the first time in several years. As I wrote yesterday, my nephew Udhay and his wife Hina are here for the festival. After breakfast we got busy for sometime in arranging the festoon lamps at the entrances of the house. The ladies of the house were busy preparing lunch and with Puja to the deities at home.  Then we had a festive lunch, starting with a traditional sweet called Peni. After lunch I had a nap, but my wife was busy arranging Bommala Koluvu. After snacks and tea in the evening, we got ready for the evening functions.
This year, my sister-in-law’s birthday coincided with Deepavali. Hina surprised her in the evening with a cake she baked in Al-Dammam (Saudi), the icing was done here. Everyone enjoyed the Cake and the Birthday party. This was followed by Laxmi Devi Puja. Later we burst crackers intermittently until dinner time and little beyond it. Our five year old granddaughter, Sudhiksha is still frightened of crackers and this year her fears escalated as my eldest son, Srikanth mildly injured three of his right hand fingers as a sparkler misfired. He is still in pain and his mother had to feed him dinner. But this incident did not dampen the Deepavali spirit of Srikanth or the others, everyone enjoyed bursting crackers.
My youngest son, Srinath who is in Birmingham kept calling the whole day to enquire about the celebrations. He was worried about his brother’s injury. We all missed him today. He has asked me to send the festival photos at the earliest and that is the reason I am rushing through this photo-post and including a number of photos.
Hope you too would find the photographs interesting. You may click on any photo to zoom in and you may click on underlined words to go to articles on them.

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