Monday, October 25, 2010

What a lovely family!

A niece of mine is getting married in November. We met the extended family of the Bridegroom for the first time last Thursday that is on 21st October. We met them over breakfast at my niece’s place and later joined them for lunch at their residence. And the time spent with them, almost the entire day, passed of very pleasantly.
The Groom’s family that visited us consisted of his parents, two brothers, paternal and maternal grandmothers, families of six maternal uncles and one maternal aunt, families of three paternal aunts and one paternal uncle. It is quite a big family, with extraordinary camaraderie and affection between each of them, irrespective of their age. It was nice to see so much of cheer, joy and joking throughout the day. Their hospitality was magnanimous. I shall certainly look forward to spending more time with them at the upcoming pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies and in the future.  
I wish to compliment my niece once again through this column for joining such a lovely family and bringing us all together.

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