Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today is Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence.

I am sure that every educated person all over the world knows or has heard of Mahatma Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader who helped India gain independence. I am posting this article to pay my respects to this great leader on his birth anniversary and to remind you of him, an apostle of peace and sacrifice and to advise you to read a particular book of his. Sri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2nd Oct. 1869 – 30th Jan. 1948), more popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi and Bapuji, through his concept of Satyagraha – a civil disobedience movement based on Ahimsa that is non-violence helped India gain independence. And very rightly he is called the “Father of the Nation”. Today, 2nd October is his birthday (Gandhi Jayanti), 141st birth anniversary. It is one the three national holidays of India and is celebrated in India and abroad by paying homage to this great person.  There are several books on Mahatma Gandhi, however there is one particular book, his autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth” which I want you to read if you have not yet.  Today is also the birthday of another great Indian, Sri. Lal Bahadur Shastri (2nd Oct. 1904 – 11th Jan. 1966), a very significant freedom fighter and the second Prime Minister of India. I wish there were such great leaders in the country today, to root out corruption and poverty.
In 2007, the United Nations has asked all its member countries to observe Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday as “International Day of Non-Violence” and commemorate it in an appropriate manner by disseminating the message of Non-Violence and peaceful coexistence; through education and public awareness. It is mostly the leaders of violent and warring countries and communities that have to be educated on this subject. We call ourselves civilized but with so much insurgency, religious hatred, terrorism and wars around us we have a long way to go. I wish the United States Organization is somehow empowered to play a very big role in curbing much of the violence we see today.

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