Friday, October 15, 2010

Saddhula Bathukamma Festival 2010.

Bathukamma Panduga Shubakankshalu.
This year’s Bathukamma Festival was celebrated all over Telangana with greater enthusiasm and excitement. At a time when there is concern that old traditions are not being honored much; this year’s developments of grand celebrations in every village, town and city of Telangana have made me very happy. Apart from this; the news that the Festival   has been celebrated in all parts of the world by people from this region has also made me happy. You may read all about Bathukamma Festival and how we celebrate it and view several yesteryear pictures of the festival at our home by clicking on the following link:
Hope you too enjoyed the festival, and those of you like my son, Srinath and nephew, Udhay Bhasker who are abroad must have enjoyed the festival by watching Telugu TV Channels.

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