Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am glad that all 33 Chilean Miners are rescued safely.

On 30th August, I wrote an article titled: “Say a prayer for Chile’s Miners trapped 700 metres underground”, link:
And as the rescue operations commenced it was obvious that apart from the families of the Miners and the Chilean people, the entire world especially the mining communities were praying for the safety of the Miners. When I wrote the above article it was felt that the Miners would be rescued towards Christmas but fortunately it happened much earlier. The Miners were rescued yesterday, 13th October, 69 days after they were trapped in the San Jose – Copper and Gold Mine. The rescue operations were telecast live by BBC and CNN for over 24 hours and it was a great experience to watch the 33 Miners coming out one by one, their reunion with their families and colleagues and the emotions and celebrations all around. I could see that all the trapped Miners are very brave, that the technicians involved in the rescue operations are too good and efficient and that Chile’s President Mr. Sebastian Pinera is a great person and a great leader.  I wish to congratulate all of them. As I was watching the rescue operations I was feeling very happy and after the 12th Miner reached the surface safely I posted the following comment on BBC World’s – “Have Your Say”, facebook Wall: “Congratulations!...the miners, their families, the Chilean Government, the technical personnel and everyone involved in the rescue operations and people all over the world who prayed for the safety of the miners. And GOD! Thank you for the miracles at San Jose, please see that all miners come out safely.” Now that the rescue mission is complete in all respects, I wish to thank GOD once again and I hope that the Governments and all industries of the world would learn lessons from this mishap at San Jose Mine and never be complacent with safety regulations.

You may click on the link below to watch an interesting ‘Chile Mine Rescue Video’ by BBC as the last miner Luis Urzua an exceptionally strong leader of the trapped Miners reaches the surface:

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