Sunday, October 10, 2010

Capturing 10/10/10 and 10:10:10 today was thrilling!?

Today on 10/10/10 (10th October 2010) and at 10:10:10 (10 Hrs. 10 Min. 10 Sec.) we managed to capture these spectacular figures on a Wrist Watch and a Wall Clock and the experience was quite thrilling and satisfactory. All the cameras and hands in the house were used to capture this special date and time. We were perhaps lucky to get them right as the figure 10 stands for perfection and there were so many 10s before us! The result of our effort is the video and photographs below:
Today is being predicted as a perfect day by several people, especially numerologists. In view of this I understand that several weddings are taking place today all over the world, surely among perfect partners. I wish them and every one of you a nice and perfect day, today and forever.

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