Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Srikanth's Birthday, 2010.

The above pictures speak for themselves! Today is my eldest son Srikanth’s Birthday. The simple, Birthday celebrations were towards night after he returned from office. We missed our youngest son Srinath at today’s events, as he is away in UK. However my nephew Dr. Uday Bhaskar who has come from Saudi Arabia and USA on a vacation to Hyderabad was amidst us.
In the morning Srikanth went to Sri Anjaneyaswamy Temple which is close to our house. Every year the Temple authorities inform us in advance through a letter of Srikanth’s Shashvita Puja at the Temple on his Birthday. After the Puja he returned home with Teertha-Prasadams and then left for his office. He came back a little late in the evening. He then cut the Birthday Cake along with our granddaughter Sudhikhsa. We then went out for dinner to Moksh restaurant on Necklace Road.
The weather at Hyderabad was very pleasant today. Due to this and the Birthday partying we are all feeling very happy, at the end of the day.


  1. uncle...though we missed a piece of this cake..i am sure srikanth is going to treat us for sure ;-)

  2. Dear Sri Krishna,
    I will tell him to ...


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