Sunday, September 26, 2010

Longest and heaviest rainy season at Hyderabad, after several years.

This is the longest and heaviest rainy season at Hyderabad since several years. The rainfall from 1st June until yesterday morning is 876 mm, as can be seen in the topmost picture.  And it is being forecast that the rains will continue for few more days. There is a light drizzle even now, as I am writing this article. It is not just in and around Hyderabad, but all over Andhra Pradesh and India, this rainy season has been beyond expectations.  
Frequent rains have caused havoc to people living in low lying areas and to the traffic along water logged roads which are plenty in Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. But in general people like me are enjoying the rainy season, the chill weather, hot snacks, long rides, the greenery, water streamlets and ponds everywhere and so on. The Government, the Hydroelectric Power generating Plants and agriculturists are surely very happy with this rainy season.
I have posted a number of pictures at the top revealing detailed “Weather Statistics” of Hyderabad. I hope the readers of my blog would find them interesting, informative and useful. 

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