Thursday, September 2, 2010

Krishnashtami / Janmashtami / Gokulashtami.

Today is Sri Krishna Janmashtami also known as Krishnashtami and Gokulashtami that is the birthday of Lord Krishna an avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is a festival celebrated by Hindus all over India and the world with religious fervor and traditional enthusiasm. While some sects and regions have celebrated the festival yesterday, the Vaishnavites and ISKCON are celebrating the Lord’s Birthday today.
The tradition of celebrating Lord Krishna’s Birthday is over 5200 years old! According to scholars, Lord Krishna was born on 19th July 3228 BC that is on Wednesday the eighth day (Ashtami) of the second fortnight of Sravana Masam (Month of Sravana). He was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in a prison cell at Mathura. This place still exists and is thronged by pilgrims and visitors throughout the year. It is between Delhi and Agra and all tourists visiting Taj Mahal make it a point to visit Sri Krishna Temple and his place of birth at Mathura. This is how I and my wife happened to visit Mathura and similarly my two sons went there separately during their return journey from Taj Mahal to Delhi.  
The above photographs following the Greetings are of my granddaughter, Ch. Sudhiksha and my son, Ch. Srinath dressed as young Krishna.
On this happy occasion of Krishnashtami I wish you and your family, happiness, prosperity and peace. May Lord Krishna bless you richly.

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