Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I feel N.C. Naidu would make the best “Alien Ambassador”!

If Aliens land on Earth and their leader demands “Take me to your leader”, what would you do? News regarding such a situation has surfaced yesterday. It is reported that pretty soon planet Earth is going to have a leader for this purpose. It is being proposed that a Malaysian Astrophysicist Ms. Mazian Othman would soon be appointed as the United Nation’s Space Ambassador for “Extraterrestrial Contact Affairs”. That gives her the right to make the first official response to any travelling Aliens, as our leader. In response to this news, we should thank God that this peculiar issue is sorted out.
If the UNO waited until actual Alien contact to fill this post, there would be confusion and delay in hiring a suitable person within hours. Infuriated with the delay the Aliens might decide to colonize or destroy our planet or eat or kill us all! I wish the Aliens who land will be as good and great as Gods and Dr. Mazian Othman would handle them in the best interest of the world. However I have a feeling that N.C. Naidu would be a better person for this post. I hope you know which N.C. Naidu I am referring to.
N.C. Naidu is no Astrophysicist but a tricky politician with voracious appetite for power and limelight. He would never allow anyone to be in-charge of a situation. However good, intelligent and powerful or mean the landed Aliens might be he would not allow them to take control of him and the world. He is capable of playing politics with the Aliens, backstab the Alien leader and become the Chieftain or whatever it is of their world. But most importantly this assignment would keep him away at the UNO, Headquarters, and that would bring a lot of peace locally!  

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