Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aftaab, Armaani, Choice, Firdous, Gulrez, Hina, Husna, Rehan, Shama-Matul-Amber, Sultan, Mehreen!?

Well, those are the names of some popular “Attar” available in Hyderabad. Attar or Ittar means fragrance, scent, essence or perfume in Urdu, Persian and Arabic. You may have already guessed this information by looking at the above photographs.
The Attar shops of Hyderabad are doing good business these days. And this is the trend during every Ramzan. Since there are fewer Attar shops now compared to older times these shops are mostly crowded during Ramzan. The most popular Attar shops of Hyderabad are located around Charminar, Afzalgunj and at Mojamjahi Market. Most of the Attar are very strong with refreshing and sweet smell. Very good quality Attar is expensive costing about Rs. 2500/- per 10 grams. Attar shops are very attractive due to the sweet aroma emanating from the shops and as the bottles containing Attar of different colors and perfumes and perfume combinations shine against the shop lighting as precious stones. It is a sight to see, it is captured in the above pictures but very poorly.
 It is “Sunnah” to wear Attar before going to the Eid prayer. Sunnah means the path, the practice and the tradition that has been established by the doctrines, deeds and sayings of Prophet Mohammed and his rightly guided successors. Most Attar are flower extracts, they are non-alcoholic and in the form of oil. A person may apply Attar in the folds of his clothing or dab a piece of cotton with Attar and keep it inside the earlobes.  
In and around Hyderabad it is a tradition among Hindus also to use Attar extensively during festivals. All households have attractive silver containers called “Attardan” and “Panneerdan” to hold Attar and Rosewater. At the time of Marriages, Dasara, Deepavali and Perantalu (Haldi Kumkum functions) Rosewater is sprinkled on the guests and Attar is applied on the back of their hand as a part of welcoming and honoring them.


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