Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remembering, Moazzam Jahi Market!

The Moazzam Jahi Market has lost its old glory but it is still a very important land mark in Hyderabad. It is more commonly spelt as Mozamjahi Market. It is located at the center of the city at a very busy and important cross-road junction as you can see in the above Google map. Thousands and thousands of people pass by these roads every day. The Clock at the top of the Market’s main tower was very popular, but these days it is not functional. Newcomers to the city admire this construction as they pass by the adjoining roads. The market has few fruit shops, a huge vegetable shop, a number of grocery shops and other miscellaneous shops like perfume vendors, an eatery and even arms and ammunition shop but it is the Ice Cream shops here that are very popular all over the city. There are three Ice Cream shops here called Famous Ice Cream, Shah Ice Cream and Gafoor Ice Cream. They make large variety of Ice Creams; they are not very rich but fairly good and are served in very large portions at a very reasonable price. The rush at these shops in this season, that is in summer until late in the night is phenomenal. As in drive-in restaurants, orders for Ice Cream are promptly taken and executed as soon as you park your Car anywhere on the adjoining main roads of the market.
This imposing market was constructed using only granite stone in 1935 by the last ruler (Nizam) of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan. And it was named after his son Moazzam Jah. It was one of several projects taken up by the Nizam, for the beautification of Hyderabad city. 
The top most photographs show my granddaughter Sudhiksha feeding the pigeons at Mozamjahi Market. I circulated a few of these photographs by email to friends and relatives asking them where exactly this place which reminds of Trafalgar Square of London is in India and its name. Almost everyone answered correctly ….. Mozamjahi Market! Hyderabad.


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