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List of injustices done to Telangana - Part 2 of 3.

Here is yet another simple list (Part 2 of 3) of injustices done to Telangana ever since it was forcibly merged with Seemandhra and the State of Andhra Pradesh was formed 53 years ago against the recommendations of the First States Reorganization Commission (First SRC) and against the will of Telangana people. While I am broadly aware of most of the injustices done to Telangana, I do not have the statistical data so I had to seek such information from the reports of knowledgeable persons on Internet to post this article. Such points and more detailed explanations of the injustices are being put forward by the Telangana people and its concerned politicians before Justice Srikrishna Commission which has been appointed to look into the issue of ‘Demand for separate Telangana State’. The last date for submission of pleas to the Commission is 10th April.  In the meantime those who have exploited and deceived Telangana for over five decades are also submitting reports to the commission in favor of unified Andhra Pradesh … I wonder what they have to say about the injustices!
26) Nagarjuna Sagar Project –
Land submerged in Andhra 0 acres, and land
cultivated in Andhra under NSP 20 Lakh acres.
Land submerged in Telangana – 100% and land
under cultivation just 4.5 lakh acres.

27) Power distribution / utilization:
In Andhra (9 districts) – 54%
Rayalaseema (4 districts) – 23%
Telangana (10 districts) – 23%

28) Polavaram project which is being taken up on a war footing is to solely provide drinking water to Vizag and divert Godavari water to Krishna River to benefit the farmers of Andhra for the reason that this water would otherwise be wasted into the Sea. This project is of no use to Telangana, it is only destructive to Telangana, it would submerge 250 villages in Telangana, 2.5  lakh tribals would be displaced, lakhs of acres of agricultural land, forest land and wild life would be submerged forever. All this, when several smaller irrigation projects in Telangana are deliberately being neglected since decades.

29) Grant-in-aid Private Degree Colleges:
Andhra (9 districts) – 96
Rayalaseema (4 districts) – 32
Telangana (10 districts) – 30

30) There are more than 130 senior posts of heads of department in AP of which only 8 are held by officers of Telangana region.

31) Sales Tax collection (2001-2002)
Andhra 21%
Rayalaseema 5%
Telangana 74%  
Higher percentage earnings from Telangana are used mostly for all round development in Seemandhra.

32) Excise duty collection (2001-2002)
Andhra – 24%
Rayalaseema – 10%
Telangana – 66%
Higher percentage earnings from Telangana are used mostly for all round development in Seemandhra.

33) APPSC – Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission Board members, 8 from Andhra, 6 from Rayalaseema and just 2 from Telangana.

34) 90% of the employees in AP State Secretariat at Hyderabad are from Seemandhra region. This is total injustice to Telangana and in violation of several norms & agreements.

35)  67% of the employees in private Industries of Telangana are from Seemandhra. While not a single person from Telangana is employed in the other area.

36) 93% of the houses in Hyderabad’s Housing board colonies are allotted to Seemandhara people.  

37) Government Libraries:
Andhra (9 districts) – 630
Rayalaseema (4 districts) – 243
Telangana (10 districts) – 450

38) Lands in Hyderabad, say in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills etc., were purchased by force or grabbed by Seemandhra people with the sole intention to drive away the locals. The percentage of Telangana people in Seemandhra dominated colonies is negligible.

39) Panchayat Raj Divisions:
Andhra (9 districts) – 883
Rayalaseema (4 districts) – 342
Telangana (10 districts) – 295

40) Most backward district of AP State is Mahbubnagar of Telangana. This poorest district in the State was allotted 4% white Ration Cards that is for people below poverty line. While 7% white ration cards are issued in the most developed district of AP State – West Godavari.

41) Government buys sugar cane from farmers at:
Rs. 1200/- per quintal from Andhra
Rs. 890/- per quintal from Telangana
And this disparity, when Andhra lands are canal cultivated and Telangana depends mostly on bore wells.

42) While all Central Universities in the country have 60% percent jobs for local people the Hyderabad Central University has a rule of its own – most or all Jobs are for Seemandhra persons.

 43) The disinterest of Seemandhra rulers in development of Telangana and their deceitful nature is obvious with the classical example of Pranahita project. This project has no staff, not sufficient funds and not even a proper office but these exploiters keep on telling that this project would be completed in five years, four years and by then their term would be over. And once again they seek Telangana votes stating they would support separate Telangana State and continue to deceive people.

44) There are never any difficulties in construction of irrigation projects in Andhra but when it comes to projects in Telangana every effort is made to stall or delay them by attributing irregularities, corruption or by not showing sincerity in getting clearances.

45) Telangana’s Nalgonda district has the world’s largest masonry dam but it has a perennial water and fluorosis problem but nothing much is being done except false promises for decades.

46) Telangana’s Mahbubnagar district has a population of 35 Lakhs. Krishna River flows through 350 Kms. of this District but it has no water for irrigation and not sufficient for drinking. About 14 lakhs of the population migrate out of the State seeking jobs.

47) Twelve milk chilling plants established by the erstwhile Telangana Regional Committee in different parts of Telangana have been abruptly closed down showing lack of funds as a reason.

48) Ramagundam is in the heart of Telangana Coal belt. As the Fertilizer plant there was being closed down, the Andhra rulers remained dumb. How come the NTPC and Vijayawada Thermal Power Stations are run with the same quality of coal. And while the Telangana unit of FCI is closed, Fertilizer plants have come up in Nellore and Andhra area.

49) Nizamsagar was built in 1931 to serve cultivation of 2.7 lakh acres of land in Nizamabad and Medak districts. It was neglected by Andhra rulers by poor maintenance and lack of improvements. Now Satellite images prove that all its 83 tributaries, 243 distributaries are silted and eroded. World Bank sanctioned Rs. 30 Crores for reviving Nizamsagar but this project is not taken up and now it is perhaps too late to undo the damage.

50) In Andhra region every year two crops are cultivated because water is made available to them. In Telangana a single crop is cultivated with great difficulty and the Andhra rulers who dictate the State administration are least bothered. Kinnerasani project is under the control of the Kothagudem Thermal Power Station in Khammam district for running the Power Station. When it comes to supplying drinking water from Kinnersani to the adjoining areas all sorts of problems and rules are quoted but when there is a shortage of water at Dowleshwaram dam, Kinnerasani water is released into Godavari to cultivate lands in East and West Godavari districts.

I will post another list of 15 injustices tomorrow.

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