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List of injustices done to Telangana - Part 1 of 3.

List of injustices done to Telangana - Part 1 of 3.
Here is a simple list (Part 1 of 3) of injustices done to Telangana ever since it was forcibly merged with Seemandhra and the State of Andhra Pradesh was formed 53 years ago against the recommendations of the First States Reorganization Commission (First SRC) and against the will of Telangana people. While I am broadly aware of most of the injustices done to Telangana, I do not have the statistical data so I had to seek such information from the reports of knowledgeable persons on Internet to post this article. Such points and more detailed explanations of the injustices are being put forward by the Telangana people and its concerned politicians before Justice Srikrishna Commission which has been appointed to look into the issue of ‘Demand for separate Telangana State’. The last date for submission of pleas to the Commission is 10th April.  In the meantime those who have exploited and deceived Telangana for over five decades are also submitting reports to the commission in favor of unified Andhra Pradesh … I wonder what they have to say about the injustices!
1) Catchment area of Krishna River Basin: 
Rayalaseema - 18%, Andhra - 13%, Telangana - 69%
Allocation of Krishna water as per tribunal recommendation:
Rayalaseema - 16%, Andhra - 49%, Telangana - 35%
Actual utilization:
Rayalaseema - 13%, Andhra - 87%, Telangana - less than 1%

2) Godavari River catchment area:
Telangana - 79% (1170 TMC), Andhra - 21% (310 TMC)
Utilization of Godavari waters:
Andhra - 23%   (320 TMC i.e. 110% of allotted)
Telangana   9.6 % (143 TMC)       
 - And 405 TMC is being diverted to Andhra via
Polavaram project.

3) Total loss of the water share of Telangana for merging with
Andhra is 1125 TMC. With an estimation of 1 TMC to serve
10,000 acres, total cultivation land Telangana has lost is
11, 25,000 acres.

4) There are 10 districts in Telangana, 9 in Andhra and 4 in
Rayalaseema. Out of these, 7 districts of Telangana, 3 of
Andhra and 1of Rayalaseema are considered severely
backward districts, which means 70% of the districts in 
Telangana are backward while in Andhra - 35%
and in Rayalaseema - 25%

5) 65% of Industries in Telangana are owned by Andhra persons.
One Telangana person (a close relative of Sri Jaipal Reddy, MP
from Telnagana) tried to start an industry in West Godavari. He was
harassed and tormented so much that he gave it up half way through.

 6) In all these 53 years, the combined tenure of Chief Ministers
from Telangana is hardly 6 years.

7) In the past 53 years AP got nearly 40 major irrigation projects
in which 37 went to Seemandhra region.

8) Telangana side:
     - SLBC (30 TMC) not taken up
     - SLBC beyond Musi river (20 TMC) not taken up
     - RDS extension (10 TMC) not taken up
     - LIS to high level areas in Mahabubnagar not taken up
     - Bheema LIS 20 TMC under construction for many years

      Seemandhra side:
       -  Telugu Ganga project (29 TMC) completed
       -  SRBC (19 TMC) completed
       -  KC canal extension completed (10 TMC)
       -  Upland areas Brahmamgari Matam reservoir (10 TMC)
       -  SRBC beyond Gorakallu (20TMC) under construction
       -  Pulchintala evaporation losses (5 TMC) under construction
       -  Veligonda not recommended project (40 TMC) almost
       -  Handrineeva sujala sarvanthi not recommended
         (38 TMC) almost completed
       -  Galerunagari sujala sravanthi not recommended
         (38 TMC) is under construction

9) Pothireddypadu regulator was originally created for drinking
water to Chennai with 5 TMC. Gradually 5 projects were
‘piggy backed’ & augmented to canal. In the name of Chennai
drinking water, Rayalaseema leaders wanted to take away 
the entire waters of Srisailam reservoir.

10) Veligonda project is being constructed on war footing basis.
This will drain 60 TMC of water from Srisailam. This project
is not allotted (water share by tribunal)  and do not have
clearances till now.

11) Handrineeva Srujana Sravanthi, not allotted, not cleared
project is going on war footing now. It will run through
chittoor via Anantapur.

12) SLBC - Srisailam Left Bank Canal, despite of all
recommendations, clearances and permissions has never
started. This would have provided 30 TMC for 3 Lakh acres
in Nalgonda district.

13) Manuguru thermal power station proposed by Central Govt.
due to its proximity to Coal mines was manipulated and shifted to Vijayawada. 
Now Coal is transported to Vijayawada from
Singareni Collieries in Telangana over long distances of over  
180 Kms., at high cost and effort. This has also deprived
Telangana in terms of employment and development of a small
town Manuguru and its surroundings.
14) Ramagundam Super thermal power station (2500MW)
which was to come up as a unit of APSEB was mercilessly
transferred to NTPC with no regard to Telangana and
its people. Such an anti-Telangana decision has also crippled
power ownership of the State.

15) Dummugudem Hydel power station never started –
this remains a promise on paper.

16) Icchampalli power (975 MW) project never started.

17) Power regulatory mechanisms – 220 KV, 132 KV,
32 KV substations and Lines never realized in Telangana

18) Seemandhra politicians greed knows no bounds, in spite
of all the broken agreements and injustices done to Telangana
they still want more jobs for themselves in Hyderabad by
declaring Hyderabad as freezone.

19) Telangana covers 41.7% area and Seemandhra 58.3% area
of AP. Telangana has 40.5% population and Seemandhra 59.5%.
But Telangana revenue is 53% to the State exchequer.

20) In 1953 the area irrigated under Tanks in Telangana
was 11 Lakh acres. But due to the negligence of the Andhra
 leaders it is hardly 6.5 lakh acres now.

21) In 9 districts of Andhra, funds spent on education
– Rs 1308.56 Crores
In 4 districts of Rayalaseema, funds spent on education
 – Rs 382.87 Crores
In Telangana - 10 districts – funds spent on education
– Rs 163.39 Crores

22) Literacy – Andhra (9 districts) 42%,
Rayalaseema (4 districts) 38%,
Telangana (10 districts) 30%

23) Andhra 9 districts – schools 26,800
Rayalaseema 4 dists. – schools 13,000
Telangana 10 dists. – 17,954

24) Hospitals Andhra (9 dists.) 666,
Rayalaseema (4 dists.) 303,   
Telangana (10 dists.) 270

25) Total Govt. employees –
Seemandhra (13 districts) - 9 lakhs,
Telangana (10 districts) - 3 lakhs.

I will write about another 25 injustices tomorrow.

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