Monday, April 26, 2010

CSK Wins IPL 2010!

CSK beat MI in the final of IPL T20 2010. At the end of 56 matches that is just before the Semi-final matches MI was at the top of the points list, DC in 2nd position, CSK in 3rd position and RCB in 4th position. Then DC slipped to 4th position, RCB to 3rd position and MI to 2nd and CSK to 1st position.
For those who do not know IPL 2010 these abbreviations and these results would be confusing and meaningless. But for millions of Indians IPL 2010 is a great Cricket festival of fast and funny 60 thrilling matches between CSK, MI, RCB, DC, DD, KKR, RR, K XI P. These abbreviations are familiar all over India and one or some teams are loved by them and they hope that the rest should never win matches against their favorite. Expanded these abbreviations sound very funny and ridiculous, CSK-Chennai Super Kings, MI-Mumbai Indians, RCB-Royal Challengers Bangalore, DC-Deccan Chargers, DD-Delhi Daredevils, KKR-Kolkata Knight Riders, RR-Rajasthan Royals and K XI P-Kings Eleven Punjab.
The first of the 60 matches of IPL 2010 was played on 12th March at Navi Mumbai. Since that day, every day, matches were played between different teams at different venues all over the country until the final match yesterday, 25th April, at Navi Mumbai. At every stage of the game there were twists and turns, ups and downs, and at no time a result could be emphatically predicted. Every match, whoever won or lost, was a success for the organizers monetarily and for millions of lovers of specific teams and boundaries and sixes - watching the match from the stadium or on TV. And as for the players their remuneration is exorbitant irrespective of their performance or team’s victory. So everyone is happy! With this success I am sure IPL and BCCI will now begin to conduct such Cricket Tamasha twice or more times in a year!
This is the comment I put up on facebook immediately after the final:

Raghu Narayanaraopeta This year’s IPL T20 Tamasha! has finally come to an end with the usual twists and turns. This avatar of cricket akin to Horse racing and Rummy has converted millions of houses into exciting Casinos. Congrats! & Thanks! Chennai Super Kings! for bringing victory to yourself and many who have prospered by taking your side.

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