Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sudhiksha is Sugar & Spice and everything Nice!

To see a sample video of the above program, please follow this link:
The above photographs are of our granddaughter, Sudhiksha performing gymnastics yesterday evening at the Annual day celebrations of her evening-school, “Roots to Wings”. She is four years old. She attends school – “Gitanjali Devashray” in the morning for 3&1/2 hours. In the evening she goes to “Roots to Wings” for 1&1/2 hour, where she is taught painting, craft work and gymnastics. She is quite active at both schools and is participating in all school events. She has performed well and very confidently in all the events yesterday evening. You may see a sample video of this program by clicking on this Youtube link: The above video is just a part of her performance which I could put on Youtube. The complete video of her program is quite long and as of now I am not able to upload it to Youtube. 
Next month for her morning school’s Annual day function she is participating in a “Show and Tell” program. In this “Show and Tell” event she will talk for two and half minutes as a Dental Surgeon. She will be holding a plastic model of the mouth and interact with children telling them how to brush correctly and take care of their teeth. Her narration is gentle, has clarity and is as pleasant as music. GOD bless her.

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