Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rajya Sabha passes Women’s Reservation Bill!

The Women’s Reservation Bill which was under debate and pending for close to fourteen years has now been passed in the Rajya Sabha, yesterday. There is tremondous rejoicing all around me and for that matter all over the country. The Bill will get passed in the Lok Sabha on 16th March and then with the President’s assent it will become an Act. This Act will ensure 33 percent reservation to women in Parliament and State Legislative bodies. It would have been much better and wonderful if once for all the reservation percentage was fixed at 50 percent so that there is no question of any gender discrimination or further demands, agitations and struggles for raising it in the future.
The greatest and proudest achievements of Indian freedom and democracy ever since its independence have been of declaring reservations and concessions from time to time for several deserving castes, communities, religions and sections of people in Schools, Colleges, Government Services, Public Enterprises, Politics and the Governance of our country. This has helped our country in making all round development and keeping everyone happy. With content employees and countrymen, our Public Sector Industries are the best in the world and the performance of all our Government departments  are so efficient. This apart offering of freebies and heavily subsidised food grains, Electricity, LPG etc., have been the biggest contribution of our leaders in nation building.  
In India we respect women more than any other foreign community or country. The top two postions in our country that of the Rashptrapathi is occupied by a very popular and extraordinary lady Mrs. Pratibha Patil and that of the President of the Indian National Congress Party which is in power at the center and several States is held by the almighty guiding force behind the Government, yet another intelluctual Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Now with this Bill we will be encouraging more such women to represent us in the Governance of our country.
And I am very glad about all this. Through this column, I wish to congratulate all the women in the country and wish to see the most deserving among them to represent us. My special congratulations are also to the lucky women who are sure to contest and win in the elections, the wives, daughters, nieces and daughters-in-law of established male politicians who will have to sacrifice their constituencies for their womenfolk. 

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