Saturday, March 6, 2010

LONG LIVE! Raj News Channel/T10/Telangana TV/Telangana Gunde Chappudu/Voice of Telangana ….

A TV Channel to focus on the 10 Districts of Telangana, its news, people, history, culture, festivals, food and problems and so on is going to be launched on Ugadhi festival day that is Telugu New Year’s first day, 16th March 2010. It is Raj News Channel. It has started beaming test programs and they are Telangana specific as announced and are quite impressive.
I wish and hope that it will also bring out the neglect of Telangana in every field since 1956, by its rulers from other areas, the agreements and government orders that have not been implemented, the promises that have been made in manifestos, election campaigns and at every opportunity and then broken, the ill treatment to the people, the arrests, the lathi charges and the killings to suppress the voices for justice in Telangana. It should also expose in detail the recent turn around, bluffs and dramas enacted by politicians from the night the Central Government announced the process for the formation of Telangana State.  This channel should also expose the Telangana stooges and betrayers who because of their weaknesses live at the mercy of other area politicians. I am emphasizing on this agenda because all other TV Channels owned by people from other areas do not cover Telangana and its problems – past or present in a truthful manner. Debates on Telangana issues and deceits are diluted by flimsy examples and excuses which have no bearing on Telangana. All this has to be countered. This TV Channel should educate and unite the people of Telangana and help us to achieve a separate Statehood.
In this process, the people and politicians from other areas will make every attempt to throttle or kill the TV Channel. These rogues are good at destroying anything that is beneficial to Telangana and unfortunately our politicians are neither united nor strong enough to fight them or fight for our welfare. I wish the TV channel all success and pray God to save us and this TV Channel which is attempting to save us.

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