Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day to boost the Sales-figure of the year!

For all Public Sector Units and most Private Companies in India; today, 31st March is the last working day of the current Financial Year. Every effort is made by the manufacturing units to execute the pending orders and reach or even cross their Sales target by this date. This would not only reflect well on the Company’s performance but also win promotions, incentives and bonus to its deserving employees, perhaps by end April!  

To explain the extraordinary importance of 31st March I have a case study to narrate. This is about a Machine Tool Company with an annual turnover of around Rupees 300 million. At the beginning of the financial year that is in April the Company’s Assembly-Shop floors would be vacant. With not many orders on hand and all the orders of the previous year executed the Assembly Shop floors which were full of Machines under assembly in March and busy-workmen, would appear in contrast like deserts in April. Same would be the case with the Component manufacturing Shops where the raw material flow would trickle based on any new or predicted Orders.

The large number of Machine Tools dispatched in February and March of the previous financial year would be under erection and commissioning (E & C) from April onwards. This would keep the entire Service department of the Company, its Application Engineers and most of its production people running around the country in the E & C works and proving out the Machines supplied. Then there would also be teething problems of the Machines to be attended. By the time all this activity is completed it would be end June. Few fresh Orders would be coming in by now and as per that, component manufacturing would commence. As per component manufacturing and procurement of bought out items Machine Tool Assembly would commence in a small way from say July.

The efforts of the nation wide Marketing department of the Company in this highly competitive field are not always successful. By the end of half year that is by end September the Company’s Sales figures are not very encouraging. Then the Company would launch very aggressive marketing with lowered prices and offers of several optional features as standard to procure Orders at any cost. Ultimately it would be November by the time the Assembly Shops begin to look busy. From now on the production would pick up gradually. But with various manufacturing, procurement and working capital issues the Machine dispatches would pick up only in the last quarter that is from January onwards. All Shops would be working 24X7. With workmen entitled to overtime wages, their efficiency is much higher now. And in March the production activity is at its best to overcome the backlogs and current month production. This pace would continue until the last day – 31st March midnight.  

On 31st March there would be more than the normal number of Lorries queued up at the Gate of the factory to pick up the Machines. Inside the factory there would be all out effort to complete the Machine assemblies. Machines which should be tested for at least a day would be tested for an hour and painted as it is being packed for dispatch. This activity would continue until midnight so that maximum possible dispatches are made (some Machines incomplete!) and the best possible Sales figure is achieved!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tension in Hyderabad.

Since 27th March, for the fourth day today Hyderabad is tense with rioting. It is reported that the problem started as the religious flags put up by one community for a festival in an old city area were being replaced by another community for a forthcoming festival. This led to heated arguments and stone pelting which soon spread to various parts of the old city. As the situation became serious, curfew was imposed in several areas of old city and it is still in force. Today evening, trouble between these communities has started in few other areas of the city but this also has been brought under control by the police. The police are deployed in very large numbers all over the city.
There is a strong opinion from various leaders of political parties that the riots may be orchestrated to destabilize the Government.
It is reported that about sixty rioters and a few policemen are injured in these clashes and one person has succumbed to stab injury. And about twenty vehicles have been damaged.
I wish and pray that the tempers will soon cool down and the city will become peaceful.
Oh God, lead us from the
unreal to the Real.
Oh God, lead us from darkness to light.
Oh God, lead us from death to immortality.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti unto all.
Oh Lord God almighty, may there be peace in
celestial regions.
May there be peace on earth.
May the waters be appeasing.
May herbs be wholesome, and may trees and
plants bring peace to all. May all beneficent
beings bring peace to us.
May thy Vedic Law propagate peace all
through the world.
May all things be a source of peace to us.
And may thy peace itself, bestow peace on all,
and may that peace come to me also.

In the name of Allah,
the beneficent, the merciful.
Praise be to the Lord of the
Universe who has created us and
made us into tribes and nations,
That we may know each other, not that
we may despise each other.
If the enemy incline towards peace, do
thou also incline towards peace, and
trust God, for the Lord is the one that
heareth and knoweth all things.
And the servants of God,
Most Gracious are those who walk on
the Earth in humility, and when we
address them, we say "PEACE."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour - 2010, at Hyderabad.

It is my feeling that the “Earth Hour 2010 – event” at Hyderabad yesterday evening was a low-key affair. Had the concerned authorities, the print and electronic media given ample coverage and explained the significance of the event from days before it would have made a great impact on the people. However today’s local newspapers have covered the “Earth Hour” news in brief and I hope this will bring about awareness among people to the growing concerns of global climate change.

It was just at few places in the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad that the non-essential lights have been switched off between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. And all around Hussain Sagar the street lights were switched off by the civic authorities for two minutes at 8:45 PM as a symbolic gesture of environmental protection. But for this token observation the city was in utter chaos yesterday night unmindful of “Earth Hour” with heavy traffic and traffic jams everywhere and the dust and pollution at its worst.

This international event meant as a show of support for tougher action to confront climate change should be taken very seriously before it is too late. Every government, civic body and individual has to be made to be ever mindful of the future of the world, never at any cost should they further neglect or endanger the environment.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Indian Premier League Cricket / IPL 2010 / IPL Season 3.

Fifteen days have passed since the scintillating IPL 2010 (Season 3) –“Twenty20” cricket matches have started. 21 matches have been played until yesterday and another 39 are to be played to decide the winner of IPL 2010. All the matches so far have been very thrilling. I have seen on TV all the matches that our local team Deccan Chargers has played and the other matches partly and enjoyed all of them.
Our local team, the DECCAN CHARGERS was the winner of the 2009 tournament. I am expecting them to win the championship this year too. They have fared well so far, they have won 3 out of the 4 matches they have played. Tonight they are going to play with Rajasthan Royals at Ahmadabad, hope they will win this match too. The enormous local support to DECCAN CHARGERS is very obvious from the traffic scenario in the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad – all roads are almost deserted as people get glued to TVs indoors.
I am posting the Match Schedule and the Points Table at the end of 21 matches for those of you who are not up to date on this major entertainment going on in India.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Sri Rama Navami to all!

On this auspicious day of Chaitra Shukla Navami, the day on which Lord Rama was born and  also  the day on which he married Sita Devi, I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to all of you. May the blessings of Sri Sita Ramachandraswamy be upon us all.
And on this happy occasion let us chant the name of Sri Rama and for that matter on any day, it is equivalent to chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam – thousand names of Sri Maha Vishnu:
Sri Raama Raama Raameti Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasranaama Tattulyam Raama Naama Varaanane
(This is what Lord Shiva revealed to Parvati Devi, it means: If you just chant the name of “Rama” it is equivalent to chanting the 1000 / 1008 names of Sri Maha Vishnu).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sri Rama Navami.

Sri Rama Navami festival is two days from today, on Wednesday, 24th March. It is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Navami that is on the ninth day from the commencement of Chaitra Maasam. It is a festival to celebrate the birthday and also the marriage anniversary of Sri Rama. Sri Rama is the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. And Sri Rama is a perfect and most righteous man, an obedient son, an affectionate brother, a warrior, a loving husband, a great king and a favorite God of everyone, for centuries.  The festival is celebrated by all Hindus at home and in all the Vaishnava Temples of the country in a grand manner by performing the marriage of Sri Rama and Sita Devi. The marriage is performed using the idols called Utsava Vigrahalu of Sri Rama and Sita Devi. In the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad alone “Sri Sita Rama Kalyanotsavam” is celebrated in hundreds of Temples. At home prayers and Naivedyam of Panakam, Vada Pappu and Mamidikaya Pulihora are offered to Sri Rama, Sita Devi and Anjaneyaswamy. And the delicious Naivedyam is received as Prasadam.
It is celebrated on a very grand scale at Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Vaari Devasthanam Bhadrachalam. Sri Rama Navami Brahmotsavam - nine days of celebrations have started at Bhadrachalam on 16th March, on Ugadi festival day. Tomorrow, on 23rd March evening there would be Edurkolu Utsavam. On 24th March from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM Sri Sita Rama Kalyanotsavam - the Celestial Wedding is performed meticulously and with great devotion. The Kalyanotsavam is performed at the beautifully sculpted Kalyana Mandapam located at the Mithila stadium which is adjacent to the Main Temple. Lakhs of devotees attend this ceremony from different parts of the State and Country. From the days of Baktha Ramadasu who developed the Temple at Bhadrachalam over 350 years ago the Kings and now the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh along with his wife would carry silk clothes and pearls in a traditional manner for Sri Rama and Sita Devi. The pearls are used in Thalambralu. And on 25th March Sri Rama’s Pattabhishekam – that is Coronation ceremony is performed. Elaborate arrangements are made for the convenience of pilgrims visiting Bhadrachalam during Sri Rama Navami. The entire Kalyanotsavam and other ceremonies are telecast live by a number of TV Channels and people all over the State love to watch the Kalyanotsavam and hear to the very informative and exciting running commentary of the proceedings.
To know more about the Temple Town – Bhadrachalam and my long relation with this place you may read my article “Anxious to visit Bhadrachalam” of 22nd April 2009 in this Blog, by following the link:
The above photographs are of us, at and around Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Devasthanam, Bhadrachalam.
P.S. You may click on the following link to reach several of my photo-articles / blog posts on Kothagudem, Singareni Collieries, Bhadrachalam, Godavari River, Parnashala, Kinnerasani and Papikondalu:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kinnerasani River / Reservoir / Dam / Wildlife Sanctuary / Picnic spot.

Kinnerasani River in Khammam District of Telangana is an important tributary of the mighty Godavari River. It joins the Godavari close to Bhadrachalam town as can be seen in the above aerial views of the two Rivers. The scenic beauty along the course of Kinnerasani River is marvelous and all the more at the Kinnerasani Reservoir and Dam. There is greenery all around this area and most of it is a dense forest with magnificent hills around. The river flows through the Dandakaranya forest and an area of 635 Sq. Kms. at the reservoir is designated for the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary.
Kinnerasani Dam is 24 Kms. from Kothagudem, a very important coal mining town in India and 12 Kms. from Palavancha where the Kothagudem Thermal Power Station (KTPS - of 1200 MW electrical power generating capacity) is located. The Kinnerasani Dam was completed in 1966 to mainly cater to the water requirements of KTPS. Depending on the water level at the Reservoir; water is also supplied to Paloncha and Kothagudem towns and also for irrigation purposes.
I had the opportunity of going with my parents to several picnics along the Kinnerasani River and of visiting the Kinnerasani Dam Project many times, right from the time its construction commenced. Later, when I was working as an Assistant Engineer at the Central Workshop and Foundry of the Singareni Collieries Company Limited at Kothagudem, I was officially at the Kinnerasani Reservoir for 26 days. At that time Singareni Collieries had already constructed  seven lovely cottages and a restaurant along the Kinnerasani Reservoir named after its various coal mining towns and my job at the Reservoir was to supervise the construction of a Shelter in the Reservoir for the 100 HP Motor Boat the Company had procured. This long stay gave me an opportunity to explore the area at the Reservoir on foot and over motor boat. I got to see a variety of birds, monkeys and sometimes snakes, snakes in water too. Deeper in the forest and at extreme ends of the Reservoir there are said to be all kinds of wild animals but I did not get to see them. Another interesting fact is that I have gone there on a picnic with a girl not knowing that I would by marrying her a few years later.   
Today there is a deer park along the way to the dam. I still go there with my wife and children as and when an opportunity arises. The beauty of this place is permanently embedded in my mind. Just the thought of Kinnerasani and its environs brings about a very pleasant feeling in me.
P.S. You may click on the following link to reach several of my photo-articles / blog posts on Kothagudem, Singareni Collieries, Bhadrachalam, Godavari River, Parnashala, Kinnerasani and Papikondalu:

A Video on Kinnerasani!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Parna means leaf and shala means shelter so Parnashala means a residence built with leaves or it simply means a hut. The Parnashala I am writing about is the name of the place along River Godavari in the dense Dhandakaranya forest where Lord Sri Rama along with Sita Devi and his brother Laxmana resided for several years of their 14 years of Vanavasam (banishment from Ayodhya / his kingdom). This is the place where Laxmana cut the nose and ears of Surpanaka, sister of Ravana the demon king of Lanka. This is the place where Mareecha a Rakshasa appeared in the disguise of a gold colored deer. And this is the place from where Ravana kidnapped Sita Devi. Parnashala is at a distance of 35 Kms. from the pilgrim town of Bhadrachalam and 360 Kms. from Hyderabad. At Parnashala, Lord Rama and Laxmana are addressed as Ramaswamy and Laxmanaswamy and Sita Devi as Sitamma.
As Ramaswamy, Sitamma and Laxmanaswamy were moving south during Vanavasam they rested for a day at the Ashram of Agasthya Maharshi. The Maharshi advised them to go further south and spend their Vanavasam at a beautiful place on the banks of river Godavari in the Dhandakaranya forest describing the place as most suitable for them and called it as Panchavati - a place with five different types of trees. And it is to this place that Ramaswamy went. They built the Parnashala at Pancahvati and resided there. The Ramayana describes that the combination of these five types of trees at this place have plentiful benefits like cool breeze with medicinal values to ensure good health, nutritious fruits for them and the birds that would give them company and that the trees would set about powerful vibrations to ward off evil forces and ensure clarity of thought and right way of thinking.
As their 14 year exile was coming to an end, Surpanaka the sister of Ravana saw Ramaswamy, fell in love with him and asked him to marry her. Ramaswamy told her that he is already married and as she persisted he asked her to approach his brother Laxmana. Laxmanaswamy also refused to marry her and Surpanaka angry with the rejections intended to kill Sitamma. Sensing her intentions Laxmanaswamy punished her by cutting off her nose and ears. Surpanaka returned to Lanka and complained to her brother Ravana of her insults and injuries and mentioned about beautiful Sitamma. This prompted Ravana to send Mareecha in the disguise of a gold colored deer to Parnashala. On Sitamma’s request Ramaswamy went to hunt for the deer and as the deer gave out a false alarm Laxmanaswamy drew the Laxmana rekha at Parnashala asking Sitamma not to cross it and went to find Ramaswamy. It is at this time that the demon king Ravana came to Parnashala as a Sanyasi (hermit) and sought food from Sitamma. He then kidnapped Sitamma from there by picking her up along with the soil on which she had fainted. This pit can still be seen there. As Ravana was taking away Sitamma on his Pushpaka Vimanam (flying chariot), a huge bird by the name Jattayu tried to stop Ravana. In the ensuing battle it lost a wing. It continued to fight and ultimately fell to the ground. When Ramaswamy came in that direction looking for Sitamma, Jattayu narrated about the abduction by Ravana and died. This place where the bird met Ramaswamy is called Jattayu paaka or Yetapaaka and the place where the bird’s wing had fallen is called Rekkapalli (a place named after the wing) and these places close to Parnashala have become big towns now.  
Adjacent to Parnashala is a lake called   Sita Vaagu where Sitamma used to bathe. One can find soft-stones of yellow and red color here which Sitamma has used as turmeric and kumkuma to adorn herself as per custom. And one can also see the imprint of her Saree and her foot prints here. On a hill on the other side of River Godavari, marks are visible which are said to be made by the Pushpaka Vimanam of Ravana while kidnapping Sitamma.
There is a big town called Dummugudem close by where Ramaswamy is said to have killed 14000 demons headed by Kharadeoshana. Dummu means dust and this place is called Dummugudem because it has come up on the ashes and remains of these demons. There are many such places around Parnashala that speak about the presence of Ramaswamy and Sitamma in this area for several years. There is a Temple of Ramaswamy at Parnashala where the deity is referred to as ‘Shokarama’ – meaning grieving Rama.
Today the entire scenario of Parnashala is recreated here, as it appeared ages ago. This can be understood from the above photographs of us at Parnashala. The entire area in and around Parnashala along River Godavari is very beautiful and it is a great feeling to be in the land of Lord Rama and Sita Devi.

P.S. You may click on the following link to reach several of my photo-articles / blog posts on Kothagudem, Singareni Collieries, Bhadrachalam, Godavari River, Parnashala, Kinnerasani and Papikondalu:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ugadi Greetings!

HAPPY UGADI! Let us welcome this Ugadi with great hope, eagerness and anticipation. Let us look forward to a year of joy, satisfaction, peace, prosperity and good health. May GOD richly bless us.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sudhiksha is Sugar & Spice and everything Nice!

To see a sample video of the above program, please follow this link:
The above photographs are of our granddaughter, Sudhiksha performing gymnastics yesterday evening at the Annual day celebrations of her evening-school, “Roots to Wings”. She is four years old. She attends school – “Gitanjali Devashray” in the morning for 3&1/2 hours. In the evening she goes to “Roots to Wings” for 1&1/2 hour, where she is taught painting, craft work and gymnastics. She is quite active at both schools and is participating in all school events. She has performed well and very confidently in all the events yesterday evening. You may see a sample video of this program by clicking on this Youtube link: The above video is just a part of her performance which I could put on Youtube. The complete video of her program is quite long and as of now I am not able to upload it to Youtube. 
Next month for her morning school’s Annual day function she is participating in a “Show and Tell” program. In this “Show and Tell” event she will talk for two and half minutes as a Dental Surgeon. She will be holding a plastic model of the mouth and interact with children telling them how to brush correctly and take care of their teeth. Her narration is gentle, has clarity and is as pleasant as music. GOD bless her.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ugadi Festival – 2010.

The Telugu New Year will commence in five days from today that is from next Tuesday, 16th March. All Telugu festivals (except ‘Sankranti’) are celebrated according to the lunar calendar and hence the Telugu New Year’s Day does not match with the western solar calendar - a fixed date. The Telugu New Year would commence from the next day after the new moon in March or April every year.
The Telugu New Year’s first day is celebrated as Ugadi Festival. Ugadi in Sanskrit is Yugadi (Yuga+Adi). Yuga means Era and Adi means New, so Yugadi or Ugadi festival is the celebration of the New Year. 15th March is the last new moon day (Amavasya) of the current year and the next day 16th March is the first lunar day – Shukla Padyami of the first Telugu lunar month Chaitra Masam.
Every Telugu Year has a name, there are sixty such names in a chronological order. At the end of sixty years the names would be repeated once again. The name of the current year is Virodhi Nama Samvatsaram and the ensuing New Year is Vikruti Nama Samvatsaram.
In short, Ugadi Festival which is celebrated on Shukla Padyami of Chaitra Masam is on 16th March this year. And the name of the New Year is Vikruti Nama Samvatsaram.
The festival is celebrated with great fanfare. Ugadi greetings are exchanged with all near and dear ones. Prayers are offered to the deities at home and blessings are sought for a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Kankanam/Talisman is tied on to the right wrist of every member. Wheat grains placed in front of the deities are picked up in a small quantity by every family member using just three fingers to foresee how the year ahead is going to be for them. If an even number (Sarri) of grains is picked up, the year is going to be normal and if an odd number (Baesh) of grains are picked it will be an excellent year. Then Ugadhi Pachhadi a unique drink placed as Naivedhyam at the deities is consumed. Ugadhi Pachhadi is prepared using water, Jaggery, Tamarind, raw Mango, Neem flowers, Salt, Oma/Tymol seeds, dry Coconut, dry fruits – Cashew and Sara palukulu/Chironji. Ugadi Pachhadi has Shadhruchulu - meaning six different tastes that are sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, hot and saltish.  This tasty drink which in some houses is prepared as chutney is a symbolic reminder of the myriad facets of life one would be facing in the year ahead. Later, the festive lunch is a sumptuous one with some traditional items like Polelu/Bobbatlu. People also visit a Temple in the neighborhood to seek blessings for a very good year. Either at the Temple or on TV one also listens to Panchanga Shravanam that is listening to the predictions for the year from the Telugu religious almanac which covers all people, occupations, weather, agriculture, calamities and so on.
New Year commences on the same day for Karnataka and Maharashtra States as well. It is celebrated with almost the same rituals and fanfare in Karnataka as Ugadi and in Maharashtra as Gudi Padwa

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rajya Sabha passes Women’s Reservation Bill!

The Women’s Reservation Bill which was under debate and pending for close to fourteen years has now been passed in the Rajya Sabha, yesterday. There is tremondous rejoicing all around me and for that matter all over the country. The Bill will get passed in the Lok Sabha on 16th March and then with the President’s assent it will become an Act. This Act will ensure 33 percent reservation to women in Parliament and State Legislative bodies. It would have been much better and wonderful if once for all the reservation percentage was fixed at 50 percent so that there is no question of any gender discrimination or further demands, agitations and struggles for raising it in the future.
The greatest and proudest achievements of Indian freedom and democracy ever since its independence have been of declaring reservations and concessions from time to time for several deserving castes, communities, religions and sections of people in Schools, Colleges, Government Services, Public Enterprises, Politics and the Governance of our country. This has helped our country in making all round development and keeping everyone happy. With content employees and countrymen, our Public Sector Industries are the best in the world and the performance of all our Government departments  are so efficient. This apart offering of freebies and heavily subsidised food grains, Electricity, LPG etc., have been the biggest contribution of our leaders in nation building.  
In India we respect women more than any other foreign community or country. The top two postions in our country that of the Rashptrapathi is occupied by a very popular and extraordinary lady Mrs. Pratibha Patil and that of the President of the Indian National Congress Party which is in power at the center and several States is held by the almighty guiding force behind the Government, yet another intelluctual Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Now with this Bill we will be encouraging more such women to represent us in the Governance of our country.
And I am very glad about all this. Through this column, I wish to congratulate all the women in the country and wish to see the most deserving among them to represent us. My special congratulations are also to the lucky women who are sure to contest and win in the elections, the wives, daughters, nieces and daughters-in-law of established male politicians who will have to sacrifice their constituencies for their womenfolk. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The future of our National Game???

The above portraits are of some of India’s greatest Hockey players of yesteryears (L to R): Dhyan Chand, Leslie Claudius, Balbir Singh Sr., Ajit Pal Singh, Udham Singh, K.D. Singh Babu, Mohammed Shahid, Dhanraj Pillay and Gagan Ajit Singh.
It was a pleasure watching on TV the inaugural ‘Hockey World Cup 2010’ match between India and arch-rival Pakistan at New Delhi on 28th February. For those at the stadium it was an extraordinary experience full of excitement and happiness. India’s 4-1 victory was a very impressive performance.  The Indian team’s game plan, moves, aggression, energy levels were at their best. This gave rise to great hopes that the World Cup would be India’s and even otherwise it would secure the second or third place in this tournament.
This victory gave rise to lot of news and discussions. It reminded us of the glorious period of Indian Hockey, when it won SIX straight OLYMPIC GOLD medals between 1928 and 1956. During this period India won all the 24 matches it played at the Olympics, scoring 178 goals and conceding only 7 goals! What a great record, an impossible one to break. Subsequent to such brilliant performance over so many years India could win only two more Olympic gold medals in the next 50 years, one at Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and the other at Moscow Olympics of 1980.
Though Hockey is the National Game of India, it is the most neglected game. No attempt is made to make it as popular as it was in the past. Especially in Andhra Pradesh I hardly see it being played by children or youth. In my childhood we used to play every game, hockey, foot ball, cricket, volley ball, tennis, shuttle-badminton, and table tennis regularly and more so when inspired by any national or local teams playing any of these games around that time. These days, right from the time a child begins to talk, education becomes top priority and the only game taught is Cricket. A person who does not have knowledge of Cricket in India is a dunce and when it comes to the National game, I think 95 percent of the population do not know the field positions or even the names of past or present great players. It is the duty of the authorities to encourage such an ancient and great game at every level in the country. They have to organize regular tournaments at school, district and state level to rekindle interest in the game and make it popular once again. In this manner great many players would be born and the best among them will represent us to bring honor to the country and make us proud of our national game.
Coming back to the ongoing World Cup matches, India after winning over Pakistan lost the 2nd, 3rd and 4th matches it played against Australia, Spain and England. And today it played its 5th match with South Africa and this has ended in a draw. This unfortunate situation puts us in a position to take the 7th or 8th rank in this tournament.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

LONG LIVE! Raj News Channel/T10/Telangana TV/Telangana Gunde Chappudu/Voice of Telangana ….

A TV Channel to focus on the 10 Districts of Telangana, its news, people, history, culture, festivals, food and problems and so on is going to be launched on Ugadhi festival day that is Telugu New Year’s first day, 16th March 2010. It is Raj News Channel. It has started beaming test programs and they are Telangana specific as announced and are quite impressive.
I wish and hope that it will also bring out the neglect of Telangana in every field since 1956, by its rulers from other areas, the agreements and government orders that have not been implemented, the promises that have been made in manifestos, election campaigns and at every opportunity and then broken, the ill treatment to the people, the arrests, the lathi charges and the killings to suppress the voices for justice in Telangana. It should also expose in detail the recent turn around, bluffs and dramas enacted by politicians from the night the Central Government announced the process for the formation of Telangana State.  This channel should also expose the Telangana stooges and betrayers who because of their weaknesses live at the mercy of other area politicians. I am emphasizing on this agenda because all other TV Channels owned by people from other areas do not cover Telangana and its problems – past or present in a truthful manner. Debates on Telangana issues and deceits are diluted by flimsy examples and excuses which have no bearing on Telangana. All this has to be countered. This TV Channel should educate and unite the people of Telangana and help us to achieve a separate Statehood.
In this process, the people and politicians from other areas will make every attempt to throttle or kill the TV Channel. These rogues are good at destroying anything that is beneficial to Telangana and unfortunately our politicians are neither united nor strong enough to fight them or fight for our welfare. I wish the TV channel all success and pray God to save us and this TV Channel which is attempting to save us.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bright day turned gloomy for Hyderabad, yesterday.

It was a very bright and nice morning here yesterday. It was the inaugural day of the India Aviation Show 2010 at the Begumpet Airport. The second Air Show in Hyderabad and a much larger one than the previous one. The inauguration of the show was a grand and happy one. When all seemed well, tragedy struck the air show.
As thousands of people were watching a very impressive “Four Plane Aerobatic Formation” by the Indian Navy’s Sagar Pawan Team, one of the Aircrafts – Surya Kiran crashed into a residential building in the nearby Bowenpally area, just as their performance was coming to a close. This happened around 11:45 AM and soon there was news of the death of pilots, Commander SK. Maurya and Commander Rahul Nair and a civilian. As news spread of this tragedy through phone calls and news channels people all over the city were shocked and felt very sorry.
The top photograph is of the four aircrafts in a formation some time before the accident. The plane that crashed is the second from left. The second photograph is of the crash site.
Death always causes heartache and finds fault with God and the people who may be responsible for this accident. But ultimately lessons have to be learnt from such sad occurrences and all necessary precautions taken to prevent such tragedies.  
The photos below are of us at the Air Show.

On a breezy morning…

On a breezy morning, Amidst plants and flowers, As the Sun was rising, The feeling was joyous! Happily as we strolled, Pic...