Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shri Godha (Aandal) Sametha Mannaru Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Edulabad.

Last Sunday, that is on 10th January we went to Shri Godha Sametha Mannaru Ranganayaka Swamy Temple. It is an ancient Temple, over 350 years old and very close to Secunderabad, but we heard of it just few days back. It was a very satisfying trip; we were in the temple in front of the deities for close to one hour and witnessed Archana and Vodibhiyyam rituals. Unlike many other Temples there is no fee charged for any of these Sevas. The Temple is being maintained by the family members of the Archaka Swamis since generations with the Harathi and Hundi offerings. And this also contributes to their livelihood. We performed Archana with offering of coconuts and bangles as per the practice here. Though we did not carry the items required for Vodibhiyyam, my wife and sister-in-law got to perform this ceremony. They were given the bangles placed at the deities along with flowers. We also received a variety of Prasadams. Adjacent to this Temple is Sri Gopala Swamy Temple.
As you can see in the above photographs, I interacted with an 89 year old member of the Archaka Swamis family and got his version of this Temple’s history. According to him; his ancestors found a girl child all alone in this village and tried to find out to which family she belonged. On not getting any response they began to rear the child as their own. After some time they returned to their native town in Tamil Nadu. The Girl was not happy there and pleaded to return to this village. Back at this village she insisted on the construction of this Temple of Ranganayaka Swamy. Being poor it seemed an impossible task for the foster parents. Then the girl talked to the villagers and brought forward a number of people who contributed to the construction of this Temple. When the girl was of marriageable age the parents started looking out for a suitable match. The girl was not interested and insisted on getting married to the God in this Temple - Lord Ranganayaka Swamy. The parents said it is ridiculous and not proper to talk in this manner. One day, in their presence the girl walked into the Temple and was not seen thereafter. When her father started calling out her name he heard her replying from the Temple that she is with Lord Ranganayaka Swamy.
This Temple is in a beautiful village with a large lake and greenery all around. The village is called Edulabad. It is exactly 32 Kms. from our house in Secunderabad. The Ambedkar Statue of Ghatkeshar town on Warangal highway is 26 Kms. from our house and at this junction we took a right turn to reach Edulabad. We wish to go there again.
On our way back we had a sumptuous meal at a good restaurant. It was a well spent holiday morning – Soul satisfying and stomach satisfying.


  1. dear Sir,
    thank you for a nice write-up on this temple.
    This temple is not known to many in Hyderabad.I watched a TV program on this temple today, and also your article. Thanks a a lot. I have planned for a vist with my family. Nice photos too.



    Hi sir i'm Navaneetha from village lo unna temple gurenche bayata avvarike theledhu.ela meru photos pettatam chala bagundhe. thanku you so much sir.

  3. Ramakrishna HYDERABAD.
    Yes this temple is not known to many and i came to know accidentally through a gentlemen by name Krisnamacharyulu of my colony. I went with my family and my brothers. Really avery peaceful and godly temple. And ofcource it requires attention. Governmet should run a atleast a bus daily exclusively for this temple to get good attention of devotees. If not daily at least on sundays and holodays. Hope this comes through if not today tomarrow r day after. I request who ever visits this temple inturn communicate to as many people as possible. Sarvejana Sukhino Bavanthu that is what our religion ( all religions also ) says. Ramakrishna Hyderabad.

  4. Yeshwanth Reddy Kondala, Hyderabad.

    Yes i am proud to say Edulabad is my Birth place and My Village, This temple is very ancient one built by kings,I can tell you people once visit this temple ,You definetly feel Happy........ Thank you very much............. jai srimannarayana

  5. hello all,
    I am thankful for your photos and information about the temple.You have done a wonderful job by uploading the information

  6. Was searching for this temple on Google and found your Blog! Wonderful Thanks for the info... going there next week :)

  7. Hi

    We just visited edulabad and had darshan of Shri Godha sametha mannar Ranganayaka Swamy. We saw the photos and it was very nice. Thank you. - RK Ayyangar

  8. hello sir, tq so much for the elaborate pictures and story about the temple. wish if you could have shared the timings also so that we could plan accordingly and go there. god bless you

  9. We r thankful to u sir on behalf of all our village people and we r proud to be a domicile of Edulabad..

    1. Thank you for writing to me and expressing your happiness. Such comments are very encouraging.

  10. Yes agree with all the comments are true ,since last one year ,when ever there is chance i am attending Sudharshan homam in this temple .

  11. Can anybody share any contact number to temple? Want to know the timing of dhanurmasa sevakalam at the temple



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