Sunday, January 24, 2010

Festivals, Celebrations and Daughters.

Yesterday I posted an article on ‘Ratha Saptami–festival’. In this article I mentioned about Kodalla Panduga and Kodukula Panduga (that is festivals to felicitate daughters-in-law and sons) on Ratha Saptami and Vasanta Panchami days, in the current month of Maaga Masam.  This post made a young follower of my blog to enquire whether there is a similar festival for daughters in our community. There is no specific festival that I can think of in the name of daughters similar to Kodalla Panduga and Kodukula Panduga. But the most important point is that the daughters of the house are most adored and important members in all the festivals and celebrations in a house and some of the festivals are because of them. For instance, the festivals of Rakhi Pournami and Deepavali Harathulu call for their presence. The loving nature of the girls, their sweet talk, their colorful traditional dresses, their mehandi, their ornaments and the sound of their anklets are their contribution to all such festivities and happiness. After the marriage of a daughter, she becomes much more important to the family, every visit to her maternal house with her husband and children is a time to celebrate. And her presence and role at some festivals, celebrations and marriages in her maternal house is of great happiness, prominence and a must as per tradition.
“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.” – Anonymous.

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