Monday, July 20, 2009

Yet another ‘Karthika Masam, Vanabhojanala- Birthday party’ of mine!


This is in continuation of my blog of yesterday-19th July: ‘Karthika Masam, Vanabhojanalu and my birthday parties’. In yesterday’s blog I explained the meaning of Karthika Masam, Vanabhojanalu and how I celebrate my birthday-16th November outdoors in orchards and farms in case it coincides with the Telugu month of Karthika Masam.
This blog is of another such birthday party which was well attended by many family members in 2003. This day-long picnic was at the mango grove of our neighbor a High Court Judge and a family friend. The mango grove is about 40 Kms. from our house and about 10 Kms. beyond the famous Keesaragutta Shiva Temple.
Just as we were packing for the picnic and relatives began to assemble at our house we received news of my brother’s youngest son Uday Bhaskar’s selection to M.D.S. Course at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. So it turned out to be a day for double celebration. In addition to the Birthday greetings extended to me everyone was happy about Uday’s achievement and congratulated and wished him the best.
The Picnic was attended by the families of my brother, sister, my niece and my wife’s brother and sister. We all started from our house by 8:00 AM in five Cars, carrying with us snacks, soft drinks, breakfast and lunch. Soon after reaching the mango grove we had breakfast. Then we explored the huge mango grove. Children played cricket for sometime as we sat chit chatting. Later in the afternoon we had a sumptuous lunch sitting under the shade of a number of coconut trees. After some good rest under the trees we played two rounds of Tambola. We remained in the farm up to 5:30 PM and as we were leaving we took a group photograph, which is in the top row of the above panoramic picture.
This is how I have been celebrating my birthday every time it falls in Karthika Masam to everyone’s happiness. And I am glad that everyone is able to participate on this occasion. Hope this will continue in future too. God bless us.

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  1. i remember the great time we had that day, esp., with two reasons to celebrate....and how time passes...


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