Thursday, July 26, 2018

Souvenirs galore to bring home for friends and family.

While visiting places,
Away from home,
For shopping,
Or on a vacation,
For sightseeing,
Or relaxation,
Or on pilgrimage,
Shopping for souvenirs,
And gifts,
At these places,
For self,
And friends,
Is as great a pleasure,
As visiting these places!
We remember them all,
And shop for them all.
Picking up gifts,
At these tourist places,
Is never difficult,
With so much…
Of local merchandise!
Available for children,
Men and ladies,
Of all ages,
And all tastes.
For instance,
Every State,
In our Country,
And every region,
In every State,
Has beautiful Sarees,
Exclusive to those regions,
And these would be great gifts,
From my wife,
To the ladies in the family,
And to her friends.
Attached photographs,
Of Madurai Sarees,
Say it all!

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