Monday, May 21, 2018

May the Nation learn from this Comic Story…

Today; a loser,
A rejected leader,
Who has lost miserably,
Joins hands with another party,
Which is also a loser,
Headed by a joker,
To become a Ruler!
I pity you Voter,
You appear destined to suffer,
Under such a Government,
Of incompetent,
And vile men,
And it is mostly your fault Voter,
For a verdict that led to this disaster.
May the Nation learn from this Comic Story,
To vote for merit, wisely,
And not for anything flimsy,
Like caste considerations,
Loan waivers,
Tall promises,
Alcoholic drinks,
Currency notes,
And vile politicians’ all evil means,
To make all of us,
And our Country prosperous.

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