Saturday, September 2, 2017

I Support ‘Rally for Rivers’ Campaign.

I support ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign. I have pledged my support by dialing 8000980009 and by posting my support narratives on social media. And I am looking forward to join some local group to strengthen this campaign. A call to 8000980009 by you for showing support to the Rally would be counted as a citizen’s vote, and a minimum of 10 Crore votes is being looked forward to so that the campaign would produce the desired effect and results. Please go through this article and please participate in the campaign in whichever way suits you.  
Rally for Rivers is a campaign launched by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation to save the dying Rivers of our Country. Our Rivers are undergoing drastic change. Due to pressures of population and development, the perennial Rivers are becoming seasonal. Many of the smaller Rivers have already vanished. Flood as well as drought, are becoming increasingly frequent, as Rivers turn unruly during the monsoon, and vanish once the rainy season is over. Sadhguru requested people across the Nation to join the campaign and show their support for the cause. This campaign has commenced on 1st September 2017, all over the Country, especially in all major cities and towns. It has attracted enormous support so far from the elite and common citizens and the support is growing by leaps and bounds.
I sincerely hope this movement with large support from all of us would enlighten the authorities and people along Rivers to improve the health of Rivers by all scientific means and care, for us all to live happily and for the welfare of our future generations.  

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