Friday, May 5, 2017

Seafood along Marine drive and the beach in Puri.

Normally in coastal towns it is easy to find a few seafood eateries. Puri is an exception; it appears that it has countless seafood outlets spread over the entire town. There are many restaurants serving excellent seafood in classic presentations, there are smaller ones too in plenty and there are many more street seafood stalls along Marine drive and on the beach. This article is about the street seafood stalls of Puri.
Here in these street seafood stalls along Marine drive and on the beach you get a large variety of seafood, cleaned, marinated to your taste and fried in front of you in few minutes. The variety varies from different types of fish including Pomfrets, different sizes of prawns, crabs and lobsters. There are few benches in front of such stalls for customers to sit and eat there. Otherwise one can carry the delicacies home or to the adjacent seashore and relish there. Obviously the prices are reasonable here in comparison to the high-end restaurants.
You may experience these seafood eateries of Puri in the attached photographs and video:

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