Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Blog Post No.1100! - Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am extremely happy that my Eleven Hundredth Blog Post is to convey Valentine’s Day wishes to all my blog followers, IndiBlogger friends, facebook friends and twitter friends…Happy Valentine’s Day!
Since a fortnight, as I was nearing my blog post No. 1100, I was seriously thinking of writing on some subject very close to my heart…as I have done every time I hit a century at my blog. Though I thought of few subjects for my 1100th post, I could not firm up on any topic. Then today came handy, as we were celebrating Valentine’s Day I announced to my family that I am going to write my blog post No. 1100 about our celebration and share our happiness with all friends.  They all know of my interest in blogging and were happy to know of my achievement. So the evening became a double celebration.
It is a happy day for us. Hope it is for all of you. We baked a rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting and decorated it with Strawberries…it was delicious. There were a number of gifts for all girls and ladies in the house including my 14 month old grandson; whom we dressed as a girl! We enjoyed the camaraderie and the sumptuous Chinese food.
Now I will allow the attached photographs do the talking and spread some smiles.

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