Sunday, February 5, 2017

I like this fruit!

Common fruit of Telangana,
Available in wilderness,
And In every village
And in every town,
In many shapes and sizes,
With different flavours,
Fondly consumed,
Raw or ripe,
By the Parrots,
Kids and elders…
These fruit trees,
Were in every house;
That we lived,
But not anymore,
We now seek,
And buy these fruits.
We eat them with pleasure,
As we have been doing for years,
May be you should know,
That this fruit prevents cancer,
Reduces the risk of diabetes,
Promotes good eyesight,
Supports fertility,
Stabilizes blood pressure levels,
Relaxes nerves and muscles,
Keeps the brain healthy,
And it is good for the skin,
In Telugu we call it Jaama Pandu/Kaya,
And in English it is Guava!
Love you Guava!

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