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About our family history and family tree since 1790.

The above photograph was in the news recently. This photograph has more than 500 members of a single family! The family came together from different parts of China and abroad to their ancestral village, Shishe near the city of Sengzhou for the Chinese New Year and festivities that took place very recently. This ‘Ren’ extended family history has details of 851 years and of several generations and of 2000 descendants alive today!
This news reminded me of our family history and family tree, recorded from the time of birth of my great-great-grandfather, Sri Papaih in 1790. The photographs below represent this story. When my father, Sri N. Bhaskarachary was in Nizam College in early 1930’s he got interested in our family history. Through his parents, uncles and relatives visiting them he gathered information right from the time of his great-grandfather. Later he began recording details of his siblings, their spouses and their children.  He compiled all this information under the title “My Ancestors and My People”. After his retirement in November 1975 as Chief  Personnel Officer, The Singareni Collieries Company and before he joined back this Company as Officer on Special Duty, he took time to update the family history and passed on the original and few copies of it to me.
Twenty-three years later, in 1998 as my brother, Dr. Lakshminarsu’s Silver Wedding Anniversary was approaching, I took time to add to my father’s “My Ancestors and My People” with up to date information and prepared a family tree to accompany the text.  I made several copies of this work and gifted to family members and relatives on the occasion of my brother’s Wedding Anniversary on 25th May 1998. Everyone was extremely happy to receive them. Apart from several interesting facts unknown to them, the text and the family tree had all details including particulars of birthdays and wedding anniversaries which were of great interest to them.  The total family members as on that date were 192 belonging to eight generations.  
Since 1998 I have not updated any information to our family history and family tree. Much has happened in these eighteen years, so there is a lot to write and add to the family history and family tree. Thanks to the news of this great Chinese family, I am reminded of my duty to our family history.
As an introduction, the first two pages of “My Ancestors and My People”...
by my father, Sri N. Bhaskarachary:

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  1. Your family tree and hyd-sec history in general is very interesting to read. If you don't mind, can you please share the rest of the book?



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