Friday, December 23, 2016

Today’s children enjoy by playing in innovative ways!

Sports and pastimes have been around for hundreds of years everywhere; especially among children. With changing times some old games have lost their popularity but some are still very popular. Added to the traditional local games many foreign board games and activity games have become very common among children nowadays. And through Television and Internet children are learning about new games and enjoying them. These days even infants can be seen playing games on Cell Phones and Computers. Talk of leisure time, modern children surprise us with a variety of new pastimes.
I am told that a new trend among young friends to pass time is to enact challenging games before a camera and post these videos on YouTube, for all their friends and classmates to see. Here are two such YouTube videos of my granddaughter and her friend…interesting, amusing and innovative, and I am told there are more to come! Hope you will find these videos interesting and like them:
Innov8! No Thumbs Challenge!

Innov8! Smoothie Trivia Challenge!
P.S. The attached two posters are in celebration of the countless innovative indoor games we have played over the years on the occasion of Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, other parties and family gatherings at our house, “Srilekha”.

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