Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our Family Enjoyed Today’s Birthday Party, A Lot!

Party Video:
Today was a very happy day for us, we enjoyed a lot. It is Lalitha’s birthday and the first one with a new family member, our eleven month old grandson. His presence has made the birthday party a much happier one as you can see in the above video and the attached photographs.
The day started for us by praying at the Temple complex close to our house (Shashvitha Pooja-Annual Pooja, on this day), followed by birthday greetings to her; from family, relatives and friends throughout the day. And this celebration you see lasted very happily for a very long time.
As I am posting this photo blog post, we are praying God for making this day so happy for all of us.  May God be kind to us always. And may your love and good wishes be with us always. Thank you everyone. 

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