Thursday, December 1, 2016

Be a proud Indian – Sing aloud our National Anthem!

Our Supreme Court yesterday, the 30th of November directed that Cinema Halls across the Country must play the National Anthem before the screening of a Film and people should stand up as a mark of respect. The Court also directed that the National Flag should be shown on screen when the Anthem is played. "People must feel this is my Country and this is my Motherland," a bench of Justices Sri. Dipak Misra and Sri. Amitava Roy said while stressing that it is the duty of every citizen of the Country to show respect to the National Anthem and the Flag. "At the root of protocol for National Anthem, is respect for national identity, integrity and constitutional patriotism," the bench said while directing the Centre that the order should be given effect in a week's time and be circulated to all States and Union Territories through chief Secretaries. This is really great news.

After the India-China war in 1962, Cinema Halls played the National Anthem after every Movie and majority of the people stood at attention. After several years, because of some irresponsible and illiterate people who misbehaved, this tradition was discontinued. Today also we have such people; they were sought after yesterday by some English news channels and their wrong views projected.  I hope these news channels would mend their ways and instead correct such people to show respect to our National Anthem.

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