Saturday, November 5, 2016

We bring sparkle to our celebrations by offering stars to drink!

Reading the title of this article and seeing the above photographs I am sure you have guessed that we serve Champagne at our parties. Though we would love to, we look for other alternatives as many in the family are teetotalers. This article is about the alternatives and the one we mostly serve.
A number of sparkling non-alcoholic drinks are available in the market for just for Rs. 200/- to Rs. 300/-, the bottles appearing just like the expensive Champagne bottles. They offer a spectacular presentation. Then there is always a homemade solution with a personal touch to entertain all guests, young and elderly. It just needs homemade Ginger sweet syrup, good Soda and white Grape juice. It looks like Champagne and is tasty.
The third and the most commonly offered one by us to teetotalers and all is available in every neighborhood, it resembles a Champagne bottle. Served chilled and in Champagne glasses this sparkling and tasty juice adds fun to our celebrations. It is not grape juice, it is apple juice! made from orchard fresh fruits. It is a very tasty and healthy drink, with strong fizz - heavy bubbling and it is very refreshing and you can have any number of glasses! It is Appy Fizz!
You can see it served as Champagne in the attached pictures and the happiness around it.
Sorry for disappointing some with an article on fake Champagne. Try it as a thirst quencher or as a refreshing drink, you will love it better than any other soft drink. And try it the way we serve, you will enjoy it more.

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