Friday, November 18, 2016

My views on demonetization and the fallout.

Like all my acquaintances and the vast majority in the country I believe that demonetization is a very good and bold decision taken in the best interest of our Nation. There are problems at few places in implementation and some tragic incidents have taken place. This is very unfortunate. I am also seeing that the Government, RBI and the Banks are doing their best to set right the situation. Hope everything will be sorted out soon and we will begin to see the benefits of demonetization. This is the feeling of all the people around me. There are seven banks with ATMs in our area, including the ATM you see in the above picture. At all these places, every day I see long queues but absolutely no impatience or grudging. The queues are disciplined and any unruly person is directed to get into the queue. Thankfully no media or politician has come to these places to create ‘tamasha’ and 24X7 breaking news. Wish the media and some politicians do not hunt for trouble and a tragedy at some place, just to vitiate the overall patient and peaceful atmosphere in the country.
You can see in the above picture how people have been queuing up here with absolutely no grudges against anyone and all this for strengthening the hands of our Government and for the good of our Nation. Three cheers for them and all Indians supporting demonetization.
Looking at the actions of some politicians who are opposing the Government, and the media that seems to be supporting them I posted the above comments on facebook in a fit of anger. In retrospection I feel sorry for them. My facebook post reads as follows:
I am very glad that today we have a very good and strong Prime Minister who is striving hard for the welfare of the people and the good of the Country. To overcome the stink and problems due to corruption, black money, counterfeit currency and terrorism small sacrifices will have to be made by us and support the Prime Minister. Many politicians who have never been able to do much good to the people or the country are barking like mad dogs at every good move and decision of the PM, especially the irresponsible and maddest dog among them, which barks the loudest from Delhi. And the dirty Media covers the nonsense and nuisance of these dogs. May good sense prevail on such bad politicians. 
I wish Sri Narendra Modi to be our Prime Minister for as many terms as possible. God bless him.

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  1. I do agree with you. Leaders are elected to serve the people, but after elections, they adopt corrupt methods to swallow the public money shamelessly!ACB and cbi should be given autonomous powers to curb the traitors.KCR has broken the history of the politicians. He became roll model to curb the curruption in political leaders.. Now in TRS evry leader is working honestly to devlope Telangana on a fast track.


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