Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My thoughts are with the victims and families of ‘Indore-Patna Train’ accident.

The emotional toll from a traumatic event can cause intense sad and frightening emotions. And these emotions are not limited to the people who are directly involved in the incident and their loved ones but even unconnected people like us who get to experience the event round-the-clock through news coverage. The recent train accident has shocked me and continues to sadden me as more and more deaths and tragic narrations are emerging. This article is not to cause anguish to readers unaware of this train accident but it is to vent out my feelings for the dead and their near and dear and convey my heartfelt sympathies to these unfortunate people.
Two days ago, on Sunday, 20th November, at 3:10 a.m. the Indore-Rajendra Nagar (Patna) Express Train derailed at Pukhrayan near the city of Kanpur. 14 coaches have derailed causing tremendous loss of life and enormous suffering.  As of today the death toll has gone up to 143 and the number of injured is over 200.
I am seeing messages of condolence from all over our country and the world. Financial compensation is being extended to the affected families and people. But none of these can immediately wipe away the grief of the suffering people. I can understand what they are going through as their lives and dreams lie shattered. I can only pray for them, to overcome their grief as soon as possible and get along with their life.
But for this major accident, this year would have been a very good year for the Indian Railways. Our Railways run 12,617 passenger trains and 7,421 freight trains daily. Every day over 220 Lakh (22 Million) passengers travel in these trains across the entire country. The safety standards are very high, yet once in a while such mishap occurs causing so much agony. Reasons for this accident are being probed but the unconfirmed initial finding is that it is due to rail fracture. I do not know whether this accident was avoidable, if it was, the Railways should ensure thoroughly to avoid such tragedies.
God please be kind to the victims of this tragedy. 

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