Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Deepavali Celebrations! – 2016.

Deepavali is a major festival for us, of course to many of our countrymen. The festival brings about lot of excitement and happiness to our family. It is celebrated by following many happy traditions. There is the tradition of Harathulu for which my sister visits us to bless us, there is illumination of the house with oil and electric lamps, there is the tradition of Bommala Koluvu (arranging dolls in arrays over steps) and there is Goddess Lakshmi Puja and lots of sweets and festive meals and bursting of crackers. This year’s festival was all the more exciting and happy with a new family member – our ten month old grandson. You can see these traditions and our happiness in the attached pictures. I hope you and your family too had a wonderful and memorable Deepavali.
May everyone viewing this article bless our family and wish us good. Thank you.

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