Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations to President-Elect of USA, Donald J Trump.

Congratulations to President-Elect Donald J Trump, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, the Republican Party and all Americans who made this outstanding victory possible. I have been casually following the process of Presidential Elections and found every phase and turn very interesting. Today I was glued to TV watching the results and discussions and the victory speech of Donald Trump and the discussions following his speech. It is a well fought election and Trump and his views garnered maximum support. I wish the new President and the USA a very happy and great future ahead.
The American media has mostly gone wrong. Each and every exit poll has gone wrong. Almost all English TV Channels in India were very critical about Donald Trump and predicted a humiliating defeat for him. Many Indians living in USA said very nasty things about him on facebook. What a disappointment to all these people. They all have a right to express their opinion but not in a demeaning manner. Today they all must be shell shocked and saddened, this was amply visible on TV. My deepest sympathies to all of them.
Some section of Indian Media is certainly more biased and vicious in creating controversies and spreading hate and enmity round the clock. An isolated issue, a problem in some corner of our country, in some college, or some village or some house is repeatedly telecast to create disturbance in the entire country. For some channels it is common to criticize popular leaders and popular Governments on flimsy issues leaving aside the good work and use roadside rogue politicians to voice their views against them. This may not stop because of the freedom of speech they enjoy. But people are intelligent, they do not believe such media, they think of them as buffoons and idiots and bring to power whomever they like, just as it has happened in the USA.

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