Tuesday, October 18, 2016

True! Not a ‘Fish Story’.

I like eating fish,
So I bought this carving,
Of a Seer fish,
Measuring 9X5X1 inches!
And weighing 710 grams!
To make a delicious steak,
And eat it,
All by myself!
Lovingly I washed it,
And carefully marinated it,
And after an anxious wait,
Until dinner time,
I pan fried it,
Savoring the looks,
And the aroma,
Garnished it colorfully,
And sat to eat,
It tasted heavenly,
But I could not eat it,
As my eyes,
My nose,
My taste buds,
And my tummy,
Were fully satiated.
So tomorrow,
Will be another fish day,
And another happy day,
And these photographs,
Are to tellthis is not a ‘Fish Story’.


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