Thursday, October 27, 2016

Paying respects to the greatest firework! – A Diwali Short Story in 10 sentences!

Adventure took us to a Cave and having no battery-torch with us we entered the Cave by lighting an oil torch, which we were certain, would last long.
Enthusiasm prevented us from thinking of dangers like inflammable gases, insects and reptiles in the Cave.
We moved forward exploring the roof, the sides and the tunnels in front of us as countless disturbed Bats flew away from us.
Soon the sunlight from the Cave opening faded and after we took many turns and moved much further down; a strong current of wind blew out our torch.  
I was shocked as pitch darkness engulfed us and our children shrieked.
I and my wife embraced the children; we comforted them and turned back, turning back was OK but every move thereafter was hell.
All thoughts were of getting lost and impending danger, and prayers to every GOD of every religion to guide us back to our Car.
Our guide was our intuition to move upwards holding to the side of the tunnels, in the process we came across water streams and boulders but kept moving cautiously and praying.
After several anxious moments we suddenly saw a bright star, sunlight at the entrance of the Cave which brought smiles and happiness to us and this star grew brighter with our steps.
As we stepped out of the Cave the Sun and the world appeared like the biggest firework, and truly it is of our life.

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