Sunday, July 24, 2016

RaGa, I recommend lots of Coffee and/or Red Bull.

Any individual dozing off in a Classroom or at Office or during a Meeting is simply not tolerated. Sleeping in such duty bound situations reflects that person’s boredom, disinterest and disrespect to the proceedings.   If one is caught in this situation for the first time he may be seriously reprimanded and let off.  But if this dozing behavior persists, there would be very serious consequences for the culprit. I am saying all this in the context of the Vice-President of INC, soon to become President and likely Prime Minister Candidate sleeping in Parliament more than once.
Being in such a prominent position; even momentary lack of interest or alertness by him during fiery debates in parliament would project him in poor light, giving scope to much criticism. And his party flunkies explanations and excuses for his shut eyes would not help as they do not merit even a moment’s attention. Candid cameras in State Assemblies and Parliament are covering all details, some scenes very damaging to the individual and his party.
RaGa will have to take great care in future to overcome this deficiency. Early to bed and a good night’s sleep should normally help him otherwise I recommend lots of Coffee and/or Red Bull. 

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