Sunday, July 3, 2016

Multitude Haleem outlets in Hyderabad, but not all of them are good.

Come Ramzan and the most awaited dish of the year, Haleem is back to tantalize our taste buds. Every year there are more joints offering this delicacy but there are not many who serve extraordinary Haleem. Most have different taste and quality, from very little mutton to very bland or too spicy. Some are excellent, some not so good and many bad. Not so good and bad mostly because of the poor proportion and quality of the most important ingredient mutton and other ingredients like wheat, spices, fried onion and ghee. The best ratio of wheat to meat should be close to1:3 and other ingredients too in the right proportion.
According to me some of the best Haleem outlets are – Shah Ghouse, Sarvi, Pista House, Shadab and CafĂ© 555. All these outlets serve Haleem with some variations and are superb in taste. Every year I do taste from all these outlets, thanks to my son who goes all the way to get them for us. With family packs stored in freezer we get to eat more often, almost every day! I have tried Haleem elsewhere but they cannot match the taste of the best.  Certainly there may be few more places which serve delicious Haleem but unfortunately I am not aware of them.
With just two more days left for the Haleem outlets to close down, people are flocking to them in very large numbers. Haleem business is said to be of over 100 Crores in our City. Hope all stalls have made enough money and are happy. I only pity those who do not get to eat the best.
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