Thursday, July 21, 2016

About Telugu movies made to make a mockery of the struggle for Telangana State.

During six decades of struggle by people of Telangana for just rule and separate Statehood, several Telugu films were made, very critical of the demands. Many films made a mockery of the agitation by disparaging scenes and dialogues. And some movies were made exclusively to criticize the movement. These movies projected the agitators, their leaders, those killed in Police firing and those who killed themselves out of frustration due to broken promises in very poor light. They projected very violent and damaging situations if the division took place and Telangana State became a reality. And finally the movie hero, most intelligent and all powerful would crush the movement.
Such movies may have entertained all those against Telangana and made money for the movie makers but they made absolutely no impact on the agitation for separate State.
Now it is over two years since Telangana State has come into existence. No evil envisaged in the movies against Telangana has ever occurred. Time has silenced these evil creators.
People of Telangana knew beyond doubt that these movies were fallacious, and now everyone knows that. When such movies are shown on TV now they seem so stupid and make us laugh.

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