Sunday, June 19, 2016

Monsoon has arrived in Hyderabad after a long wait.

Weather forecast for Hyderabad and the surroundings is going awry despite all the technological advancements in that field. Last month it was widely predicted that the rainy season would start early this year by 5th June and there would be copious rain. The prediction has gone wrong. After a long wait first Monsoon Rain arrived yesterday, late by 13 days from earlier prediction and 5 days later than last year. And it is to be seen now whether the forecast of a good rainy season will stand good. Hope it will, as most water resources including the perennial Rivers Krishna and Godavari have gone dry and there is severe drought in most districts of Telangana.
Accuracy of short-range weather forecasts is normally said to be more accurate than long-range weather forecasts. But in case of Hyderabad, weather forecast of any day and of any season may not always be correct. I do not blame the weatherman or the available forecast technology for this. As a layman who does not entirely understand this science I only feel that Earth’s atmosphere is getting chaotic and complicated and thus unpredictable. And as old timers claim could all this be because of several misdeeds and increase in deforestation, pollution, selfishness, cheating, hatred, wars and terrorism.
And here is a different weather forecast by me, especially for YOU, for every day of this year and every year:  

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