Sunday, June 5, 2016

Latest tourist attraction at Hyderabad – A large National Flag on a tall Flagpole.

On 2nd June 2016, on the occasion of second anniversary of Telangana State Formation Day, the State Chief Minister Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao unfurled our National Flag, a very large one measuring 72 by 108 feet on a 291 feet high flagpole! at Sanjeevaiah Park. Sanjeevaiah Park is a 92 acre beautiful park on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake, the lake being at the center of the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. This high-rise, huge Flag has become an attraction since then. People are flocking to see it at the Park and all along Necklace Road and Hussain Sagar, especially from the easily accessible Tank Bund from where the view is simply marvellous as you can see in the video below:
At 291 feet, this is the second highest flag post in our country, with the one at Ranchi at 293 feet being the highest by 2 feet. However the Flag is the largest hoisted so far. While the one at Ranchi is 66 by 99 feet, the one at Hyderabad as I mentioned above is 72 by 108 feet. Hyderabad has 3 such flags in stock for replacements and emergencies. The Flag shall remain hoisted forever. Once in a month it shall be lowered for inspection and hoisted back immediately.
This huge Flag, majestically visible to countless people every day has become the pride of Hyderabad. It instils nationalism immediately. With lighting around the Flag post, the Flag looks beautiful even in the nights.
The Flag post weighs about 100 tonnes and the Flag 65 kilograms. The Flag post is 1.8 metres wide at the bottom and tapers to about half a metre at the top. The Flag hoisting is motorized. It is said that this project cost the Government Rupees 3 Crores. It is money well spent for the love of our Nation and our Flag.

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