Monday, June 13, 2016

Is this testimony an honour or dishonour for Telangana State?

As per the statistics projected above, Telangana State tops the list of non-vegetarian States. It establishes that Telangana has the highest population of meat-eaters in India with almost 99 percent of its residents being non-vegetarians. To be very specific 98.8 percent of men are non-vegetarians and almost an equal percentage of women, 98.6 percent are non-vegetarians.  This is authentic, it is the latest report from the Central Government’s Sample Registration System Survey carried out in 21 big States of our country, of persons aged 15 years and above and the State-wise revelations are as projected in the chart at the top.
In the record of highest non-vegetarians Telangana is followed by West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Kerala. And among States with largest percentage of vegetarians, Rajasthan stands first followed by Punjab and Haryana.
I wonder whether this proclamation has to be seen as an honour or dishonour for Telangana State. Ultimately, I think it entirely depends on who is reading this article, a vegetarian, a non-vegetarian or those involved in the business of non-vegetarian food. 

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