Saturday, June 11, 2016

Brevity vs. verbosity.

In all my writings and speech I have always preferred brevity. As an engineer, communicating with colleagues and workmen requires speaking or writing in simple sentences using very common words to avoid inconvenience, confusion and unwanted results. And this has been my practice from the beginning, right from my school days perhaps due to the influence of précis writing.
This is my blog post No. 1020, and my blog followers would vouch that I have always kept my expression / sentences simple, following the adage: Keep it Simple and Short – KISS – Keep it Sweet and Straight. My aim has always been…clarity, brevity and precision. Thank GOD, this is the case with most people, our Newspapers and our News Channels. Everyone can easily and clearly understand them.
Now coming to verbosity, it disturbs me at times when the words, the sentences, the paragraphs and the speeches are difficult to follow and strain my thinking process. The habit or show-off of grandiose through verbosity by any one is nuisance to me, if I cannot follow and understand easily. The internet reinforces my view…if the information you’re looking for has complicated words and twists and does not fit on one screen, needing too much of scrolling , you may lose track and interest.
Verbosity is also rightly called as rambling, garrulity and logorrhoea! 

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