Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother’s Day celebration at Srilekha.

Last evening we had a lively Mother’s Day Party at Srilekha, our house. Hope you all too have enjoyed the day with your mothers. Going by the depleted stocks of specific Mother’s Day gifts at the biggest gift shop in our City, countless posts of Mother’s Day Greetings on facebook and what seemed like partying traffic on the roads in the evening, many families have certainly celebrated Mother’s Day in a grand way. I am very happy and all mothers must be happy as Mother’s Day celebrations have become popular.
At our family Party there were four mothers present. We missed my daughter-in-law the youngest mother in the family and my grandson a baby of five months who are away at her mother’s place.
The attached photographs are of our party. This photo-blog post is to share our happy moments with family members who have missed the occasion and with well wishers like you.  

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