Friday, May 6, 2016

Media assumptions of voters are normally wrong.

Media assumptions of voters are normally wrong. This happens often in India and today it is also happening in USA, in their Presidential Primary Elections 2016. Voters today can differentiate between good media and bad media and know what is best for them, that is why electoral propaganda and predictions by specially the bad media normally goes wrong.
On and off I have been following the ongoing USA Presidential Primary Elections. The Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s time to time tough utterances on immigration, unemployment, trade balance etc., were repeatedly projected against him by the media directly and through those against him.  And his opponents received lots of praise. This trend I observed has gone on for months as one State after another went to Polls. This sort of media coverage obviously did not have much effect on the Voters.  I think media’s negative coverage seemed wrong to the Voters and Donald Trump’s views and stand on various issues seemed correct. That is the reason why he has successfully beaten 16 competitors’ to become the Republican Party Presidential nominee. And as you may have already heard he is not a politician nor has ever held public office like the rest of them.   
Now we will have to wait and watch the stand the majority of the US media would take for the Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates. I believe whatever stand they take and propaganda they carry out, the majority of Voters will not be influenced by the media and will Vote for who they think is the best for their Country.
Now coming to our own media, most are biased. As reports suggest, some of them are political and are paid media. Some media houses are still not able to digest, even after two years, Mr. Modi and BJP’s grand scale victory in last general elections. Day in day out, they raise flimsy issues and give birth to controversies to defame Mr. Modi and the BJP Government.  Just few days back I read an irresponsible and illogically defaming statement in a magazine “MODI’s OUTDATED ARMY: 30-Year-Old Submarines, 35-Year-Old Guns and 40-Year-Old MiG-21s.”  
I cannot predict who will win in our next General Elections but I am sure that if BJP comes to power once again, some news anchors especially of our English News Channels will suffer from severe mental and physical illnesses.
P.S. I am a layman as far as Indian and foreign politics are concerned, so if my opinion on media coverage of politics and politicians does not suit your views please excuse me. I do not wish to get into controversies.

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