Monday, April 11, 2016

Pray for Miracle Rain in Telangana and Marathwada.

There is severe drought and unprecedented water crisis in most districts of Telangana and Marathwada. Drought has become common in these areas over the last few years, causing helpless farmers committing suicides. This year the water crisis is as never before and with heat wave too in place life has become miserable in rural areas of these provinces. And the rainy season hopefully a good one is almost 3 months away.
Two weeks ago I traveled extensively in five districts of Telangana that is Nalgonda, Warangal, Adilabad, Karimnagar and Medak and there is water crisis everywhere. I have come across River Godavari, River Pranahita and some of their tributaries and they are all dry. These are no longer perennial rivers. With only Sand visible, the River beds are appearing like desert land. The bore wells have gone dry at many places, and the functioning rest are going dry as water levels are fast receding.
And even in Hyderabad City, despite best efforts by the Government many areas have got severe water problems. These areas depend only on water supplied by tankers which are most unreliable in their timings, sometimes they come once in few days. We live in the heart of the city and we get Municipality supplied drinking water only once in two days just for an hour and at very low pressure. And once in a while we too have to seek water supply through tankers.
Thoughts of living with scarce water supply or no water and the agony of constant longing and waiting for even small quantities of water are very frightening. With almost three very hot summer months left for the rainy season to arrive, life ahead seems very difficult for people.
I believe in miracles, so I wish there would be some miraculous summer rain for few days in these areas and the water crisis would be eased. My prayer would become stronger and a reality if you all join. Thank you.  

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