Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happiness is a warm cup of Tea, for the vast majority.

Happiness is a warm cup of Tea!
For the vast majority,
And this fact can anyone deny,
Looking at this testimony,
A picture with steaming-hot cup of Tea,
And the scene and smile so pretty.
Such images are worth a thousand words,
As they generate pleasure and recall memories.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sri Dubbaka Yadagiri Achary’s 100th Birth Anniversary.

Today is the 100th Birth Anniversary of my father-in-law, Late Sri. Dubbaka Yadagiri Achary (19th April 1916~3rd July 1988). The day was very eventful as the family and many who were associated with him or knew about him fondly remembered him at the Commemoration Ceremony arranged on this occasion and by seeing our Birthday Remembrance messages in local Newspapers.
He was a prominent merchant of precious and semi-precious Gemstones in Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad with his business spread over all districts of Telangana and he was a highly respected man in society. He established Trichy Jewellery Mart., in Secunderabad seven decades ago. Within the extended family and our community he was a fatherly figure advising people on various issues, helping those in need, helping in arranging marriages and counseling and settling family disputes. He was the President of Rangoon Diamond Merchants Association for several years. He brought our community together and under his leadership, administration and huge monetary contribution built a Function Complex at Secunderabad in 1977 and named it Vishwakarma Sangha Bhavanam. He was the President of this establishment until his demise. This Function Hall is serving our Community in performing Weddings and other functions and is also open to others.
A commemoration ceremony was held for him today morning at the Vishwakarma Sangha Bhavanam. His kind nature and contributions to society and the establishment of this Function Complex by him were remembered. The function was held in the presence of Lalitha my wife and her two sisters Smt. Vijaylakshmi and Smt. Sunitha, by the Bhavanam Committee and other prominent guests. The attached photographs are of this ceremony. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pray for Miracle Rain in Telangana and Marathwada.

There is severe drought and unprecedented water crisis in most districts of Telangana and Marathwada. Drought has become common in these areas over the last few years, causing helpless farmers committing suicides. This year the water crisis is as never before and with heat wave too in place life has become miserable in rural areas of these provinces. And the rainy season hopefully a good one is almost 3 months away.
Two weeks ago I traveled extensively in five districts of Telangana that is Nalgonda, Warangal, Adilabad, Karimnagar and Medak and there is water crisis everywhere. I have come across River Godavari, River Pranahita and some of their tributaries and they are all dry. These are no longer perennial rivers. With only Sand visible, the River beds are appearing like desert land. The bore wells have gone dry at many places, and the functioning rest are going dry as water levels are fast receding.
And even in Hyderabad City, despite best efforts by the Government many areas have got severe water problems. These areas depend only on water supplied by tankers which are most unreliable in their timings, sometimes they come once in few days. We live in the heart of the city and we get Municipality supplied drinking water only once in two days just for an hour and at very low pressure. And once in a while we too have to seek water supply through tankers.
Thoughts of living with scarce water supply or no water and the agony of constant longing and waiting for even small quantities of water are very frightening. With almost three very hot summer months left for the rainy season to arrive, life ahead seems very difficult for people.
I believe in miracles, so I wish there would be some miraculous summer rain for few days in these areas and the water crisis would be eased. My prayer would become stronger and a reality if you all join. Thank you.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 Final: Outlandish Victory for West Indies!

Just the scores do not tell much about this T20-2016 Final Match. Batting first England scored 155 for the loss of 9 wickets and in reply West Indies scored 161 for the loss of 6 wickets. The batting, bowling and fielding on both sides were extraordinary. For both teams there were early loss of wickets but they recovered and recovered in most thrilling manner. There were tense moments most of the time in the match and towards the end it seemed beyond doubt that England would win; but this did not happen.  
It was one of the most remarkable victories ever known, a match that will resound well beyond the boundaries of Eden Gardens, well beyond the boundaries of Twenty20, as a finish for the ages. With six balls left and 19 runs to score, the West Indies looked a beaten side by all means. England stood on the verge of a crowning glory of which few had dared to dream. Ben Stokes stood with the ball in his hand. But within the space of barely a minute, the dream evaporated into the sweltering Kolkata night…as Carlos Brathwaite’s fourth six (from first four balls of the last over) sailed into the air, not to be seen again, the jubilant West Indies players flooded the field, their belief transforming into disbelief. Stoke sank to the floor in despair, inconsolable. A matter of millimeters had separated him and his team from glory, so brilliantly fought despite a batting performance that could have been better.
Here is the commentary of the last over of this most thrilling and unforgettable match:
P.S. 2016 has been a very lucky year for West Indies; three of their Cricket teams have won world titles. First the West Indies Under-19 team won the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2016, beating India. And yesterday West Indies Women’s team has also won World Twenty20-2016 title by defeating Australia. West Indies is certainly very happy!

Incredible Coincidence!

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